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Testlio’s end-to-end people + software testing platform reinvents the way agile testing is done.

Testlio carries the load so you focus more on building cool products and less on testing management or flaky scripts.

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  • Create and maintain your test automation framework, including infrastructure
  • Align and integrate your engineering workflows with Testlio testing process
  • Design, build, and maintain accurate test scripts
  • Manage test runs and setups for you
  • Review and validate test results and defects, while also taking care of noise and flaky tests
  • Build management tools
  • Real device utilization
  • Automation run system
  • Integrated reporting and insights

Many tests are too critical, tedious, or too complex for humans.

Automated tests, executed continuously and alongside manual tests, provide a constant measure of quality – allowing more rapid release cycles.


But, what about manual testing?

According to our friends at Forrester, while automated testing is on the rise, manual testing is far from dead.


Manual Testing Forrester and Testlio

Developing a continuous manual and automated test strategy is a major undertaking.

Lots of questions.
How much is this going to cost?
What about quality - will we get experienced automation testers with domain and product knowledge?
How long will it take to get up and running?
How much time will I need to manage the vendor relationship?

67% of IT teams are using the DevOps framework to bring in QA early for maximum customer value, but 41% still struggle to apply test automation and are unable to reuse tests across iterations.

Automated Testing Management with Testlio

The world’s leading mobile and web app developers rely on Testlio’s manual and automation best practices in software testing to manage test runs, review builds, and provide results validation.

Our quality assurance testing team works with you to craft a testing and development plan tailored to your release cycle and pace of customer demands. You gain a partner to both develop and execute your automation test strategy.

Why choose Testlio? We're the leader in networked testing.

Work With the Best

Testlio has deep domain expertise with over 1 billion end-users touching our customers’ apps every month.

We only hire the most experienced full time automaton experts with elite automaton engineering and project management chops.

Our commitment to employee excellence means customers experience increased accuracy and a reduction in the overall time it takes to complete QA cycles.

Scale Testing Without Management Hassles

You have enough to manage already. Testlio offers fully managed services to take care of device coverage and automated test scripts creation while delivering critical insights, so you can focus on building your product.

Ease of Onboarding

Sign on to Testlio’s all-in-one managed QA services platform and in one week, you’ll have your first test script running.

Your dedicated project manager introduces you to the platform and guides the integration with your QA and software development applications already in use to report issues and connect with your team.

Contain Costs

Automation can get expensive and create overhead very quickly due to incorrect practices.

Testlio has developed a test automation strategy and automated software testing tools that keep costs under control.

The future of software automated testing is now.

Good things happen to good software teams when applying manual and automated best practices in software testing.

  • Experience significantly shorter time to market
  • Execute tests in parallel to reduce turnaround times
  • Receive scripts consistently tailored to their precise needs
  • Take comfort in a firm safety net which discovers regression by depth and volume per build pass
  • Extend your team with highly experienced project managers dedicated to adding value, not simply going through the motions
  • See critical test coverage in areas previously unattainable by other testing approaches

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