Why testing automation?

Enterprises view testing as the largest bottleneck in releasing products. Traditionally, testing can force companies to compromise quality for speed and limit output.

Too many companies risk their reputation on fast releases: 72% of IT teams rely on customer complaints to discover user experience issues.*

Comprehensive QA has the ability to unlock customer value and better serve the end user. Companies that automate the right QA activities in combination with scalable manual testing are outperforming the competition.

“The automation of QA activities is not only required but is the core enabler of increasing throughput and velocity.”

World Quality Report

Automation enables agility

We deliver fast, reliable and repetitive testing that supports agile delivery. Since frequent product updates are correlated with high customer satisfaction, that’s a really good thing**.

67% of IT teams are using the DevOps framework to bring in QA early for maximum customer value, but 41% still struggle to apply test automation and are unable to reuse tests across iterations.***

Testlio partners with enterprises to continually diagnose issues that would otherwise risk your organization’s reputation. Our seasoned QA managers develop scripts that help you keep pace with customer demands.

Continuous Quality

Maintain consistent product quality with automated testing. Our QA engineers help you check for quality without interruption.

Develop at Speed

We develop, maintain, and execute automated test scripts with immediate results to give insight into the performance of critical features.

Fully Integrated QA

Automated testing goes hand-in-hand with manual testing. We develop a comprehensive QA strategy that integrates with the tools you already use.


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