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Teams Module

Manage multiple testing teams for exceptional efficiency and results


  • Collective

    All participants in testing delivery and oversight work on a single platform.

  • Holistic

    Groups that perform all forms of testing — functional, exploratory, usability, and more — are coordinated in one location.

  • Scaleable

    Add unlimited employees to the platform and access the Testlio freelance Network of over 10,000 expert testing professionals.

  • Transparent

    In-depth Profiles and multi-faceted Ratings ensure you have the right freelancers for each project.

  • Secure

    Intelligent permissions and modern data security support content and process integrity.


  • Roles

    Admin, Coordinator, Tester, Observer roles across Testlio and your organization, can be combined for powerful collaboration approaches. All Roles are clearly tied to your company, Testlio, or our freelance Network.

  • Profiles

    Tester Profiles include dozens of fields like industries, skills, location, languages, and devices. All elements of Profiles are filterable and searchable, enabling Testlio clients and services to invite freelancers who match the requirements of each testing initiatives.

  • Groups

    Freelancers are invited into Groups based on specific testing strategies and approaches. Our proprietary Recommendations algorithm lines up the right freelancers, in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time.

  • Ratings

    Our Ratings system measures availability, responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness normalized and equalized to reflect project scope. Ratings metrics are scaled to project size, compared to peers, and compiled into a larger score.