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Teams Module

Manage multiple testing teams for exceptional efficiency and results


  • Collective

    All participants in testing delivery and oversight work on a single platform.

  • Holistic

    Teams that perform all forms of testing (functional, exploratory, usability, localization, accessibility, etc.) are coordinated in one location.

  • Scaleable

    You can add unlimited employees to the platform; and rapidly access the Testlio freelance network of 10K+ expert testing professionals.

  • Secure

    Intelligent permissions and modern data security help ensure content and process integrity.


  • Roles

    Admin, Coordinator, Tester, Observer and other roles, across Testlio and your organization, can be combined for powerful collaboration approaches.

  • Organizations

    All Roles are clearly tied to your company, Testlio, or our freelance Network.

  • Permissions

    Rights are granted based on Role-Organization combinations.

  • Locations

    Discover and manage participants via map views.