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Payments testing made easy

Failed payments can hurt your reputation and reduce your revenue. With Testlio, you can ensure a seamless payment experience across payment methods, devices, and regions.

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The impact of failed payments

1 in 10

Online payment transactions failed in the last 12 months


In revenue losses globally from failed payment transactions


Of companies report an increased staff workload from failed payments

1 in 6

Companies report losing customers over failed payment transactions

Real-Life testing, on a global scale

We test with actual transactions on real devices using currency-specific payment methods to ensure that our payment testing accurately reflects real-world conditions, including regional differences, location-specific regulations, and device-specific issues.

Testlio’s payments testing coverage includes

Real transactions on 400+ payment methods

Distributed real-device network with access to 500k+ devices

Global reach with 10k+ vetted testers in over 150 countries

Extensive testing capabilities across traditional and Cryptocurrencies

Proven testing experience

We take ownership of your needs and act as an extension of your team. As your advisors, we ensure you receive the right guidance and resources to test any payment methods you require.

Extensive expertise

By leveraging our deep experience in payment testing, we help you incorporate a holistic strategy that utilizes various types of tests and approaches.

Vetted freelance network

Our testers are highly vetted and incentivized to test more thoughtfully. Only 3% of applicants to the Testlio Network are accepted to client projects.

Dynamic staffing

Our flexible staffing ensures that we continuously optimize your talent mix and capacity to increase productivity and meet your evolving requirements.

Actionable feedback

Our testing experts offer actionable feedback beyond bug counting. We provide detailed notes on payment methods and device usage to help you quickly improve your payment flow and user experience.

Cutting edge platform

Our platform features extensive integration capabilities with over 20 partners and offers real-time visibility into your test runs, generated reports, results, and our global payment testing talent, ensuring you have complete control and peace of mind over your testing projects.

Why prioritize payment testing

Testlio’s payment testing solutions help you stay ahead of issues, support new payment methods, adopt new technologies with confidence, and expand to new markets.

Detect failure early

Waiting for customers to report failure will harm their experience. Proactively Identify and fix payment issues before they impact customers.

Introduce new payment methods

Evaluate, develop, and add payment methods in one or multiple markets while simultaneously testing them in the field before launching.

Ensure cross-border reliability

Verify that your transaction process meets legal requirements, local regulations, taxing authorities, and billing standards.

Expand devices integration

Validate the integration of modern payment devices such as e-wallets, smartwatches, and touchless payments.

Types of payment testing use cases we cover

Payment gateway testing, including functionality, security, and reliability

Payment method verification, including credit
card validation

Payment processing testing, including testing physical devices

Payment validation, including transaction
data validation

Localized payment testing, including exchange
rate and currency symbols

Cryptocurrency testing, including swap testing and currency verification

Case studies and resources

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This how-to guide provides a holistic overview of payments testing, from definitions to use cases to actionable testing scenarios.

5 eCommerce payment gateway testing use cases

Learn how to prevent shopping cart abandonment, over or under-payment, penalties, and more from these five payments gateway testing use cases for e-commerce.

E-commerce payments testing case study

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