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The Many Faces of Payments Testing

Your payment testing challenges come at you from all angles. Testlio’s experienced payments testing practice and suite of testing capabilities provide front line coverage for your web and mobile apps – leaving no questions unanswered. We’ve got you covered. On any device. In any location. In any language.

Functional Testing

Is the app handling orders and performing all calculations as intended?

Performance Testing

Is the payment processor meeting expectations when tested with multiple users and simultaneous transactions?

Usability Testing

Are your customers met with confusing or unnecessary steps that lead to purchase abandonment and lost transactions?

Location Testing

Do your payment features honor and align the locale and geo-locations that matter to your customers?

Integration Testing

Does the app seamlessly integrate with your chosen payment gateway and transaction flows?

Security Testing

Are sensitive credit card and CVV numbers securely transmitted?

Compatibility Testing

Do your payment features and secure communications work across 100s of platform combinations or configurations?

Localization Testing

Can your international customers make payments in their local currency?

Learn how a leading eCommerce marketplace ensures a seamless payment experience across the globe.

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QA Payment Testing Process (Fully-Managed Example)

A customer places an order, provides secure payment information, and the transaction is approved or declined. Testlio manages the payments testing logistics for you – making sure that the complete flow of an online transaction is seamless and secure from start to finish.

  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    Our QA project manager scopes out how much money needs to be spent per tester and how many testers will be testing real payments.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    We then spin up a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) with the amount needed, plus some buffer.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    The Virtual Credit Card details are shared with the testers during the cycle, allowing us to test real payment functionalities in production.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    Our testers perform a variety of tests including functional, integration, performance, security, usability, compatibility, location and localization testing.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    We review and approve issues quickly with real-time sync to your bug tracking system.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    We prepare an end report with insight on the cycle, top issues, and recommendations.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    Once the cycle is complete, we process the refunds with the client.
  • Testlio QA Testing Company
    We then spin down the VCC to de-activate the card. This allows us to test real payments securely with no further purchases made.

Show me the money! Four Payments Testing Examples.

Glitches in collecting payments can cause an emergency release and loss of revenue. Testlio’s Payments Testing capability assures every subcomponent of a financial transaction works as expected. We test your secure and real payment functionalities with accuracy and speed.

Computer File Transfer App

One of our clients in the Netherlands, a cloud-based computer file transfer service, required payments testing for their regular credit card payments. They also needed testing on their proprietary payment system called iDEAL, which is the dominant payment gateway in the Netherlands.

As these were real payments and some were higher ticket items, Testlio first obtained a discount voucher from the client to pass along to the testers. We then secured a group of experienced testers from within the Testlio network. The testers were not only located in the Netherlands, but they also used their credit cards and iDEAL to conduct a variety of payment testing types including functional testing, security testing, compatibility testing, and location testing.

Real-time Communications App

Before pushing an app update to the Google Play store, Testlio client, a real-time communications company, needed first to test their updated code to confirm it was compliant with the new requirements for the Google Play Billing Library. Testlio was brought in to test real purchases to validate that the app complied with the new Google Play Store requirements and to ensure that automated refunds of payments did not occur after three days.

To be safe, Testlio tested the entire real payment process on both Android and iOS. We utilized Sandbox testing, which enabled testers to login to an App Store account they own using all available test card types. This approach ensured no actual charges go through. The client pushed their fully compliant app with full acceptance.

Writing Assistant App

When a Testlio client, a popular writing assistant app, wanted to monetize their product, they needed to test all user purchase variations to ensure they worked in the test environment.

Testlio performed sandbox testing on iOS to verify user access as well as the ability to purchase premium features, a high priority for the company. The payments testing initiative also included A/B testing experiments by presenting different pricing to a subset of app users. Through Testlio, the client was able to determine which pricing variation performed better and that the entire purchasing functionality worked as intended.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Many QSRs lead the way when it comes to app-driven customer experience, and payments testing becomes a vital part of the overall experience. QSRs use a variety of POS systems for their drive-thrus, partner systems, and mobile apps. Payments Testing helps them assure their systems link to credit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital payment services.

Extensive payments testing also helps QSRs better understand user experience for things like ordering ahead and app-based tipping. For example, A/B experiments help identify which type of tipping (e.g., percentage-based vs. incremental amounts) is more popular.

Also, it’s not uncommon for QSRs to have custom payment processes using backend technology from services like Infor, Oracle, or First Data. When payments fail, QSRs typically first go to these services to understand what happened. Unfortunately, the failures fall on the app side. Conducting extensive payments testing allows QSRs to tap into their logs and better pinpoint where the faults are happening.

Payments Testing

Good things happen to good software QA, engineering, and product teams when they partner with Testlio.

  • Flexible Managed Services: We make sure the complete flow of an online transaction is seamless and secure from start to finish. Fully managed or co-managed service. Your choice.
  • Experienced Testers: Gain confidence that your app receives end-to-end testing from mature and unbiased, real-users who speak QA.
  • Capabilities: Every Payment Testing scenario is different, and Testlio offers a full suite of capabilities including usability, compatibility, localization testing, and more.
  • Reports: Experience dramatically shorter time to build with test cycle insights designed to help you better prioritize your development cycles.

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