Testlio Transparency


With the Testlio Platform, you have complete transparency into everything that happens. You can view our work at any time. It’s all in the open for you.

Testlio Managed Services


Testlio is managed so you don’t have to use our software. We integrate with your DevOps, Resource Management, Ticketing, and other systems. At the same time, you can participate with us as much (or as little) as you want.

Testlio Unlimited Licenses

Unlimited Licensces

With Testlio you also have unlimited licenses. Your entire team can establish accounts and use Testlio software without upcharges or hidden fees.


Testlio Modules

The major modules of the Testlio Platform are Builds, Tests, Plans, Teams, Runs, Issues, Integrations, and Reports.

All of these modules are available for you under our bundled, Managed Service Fee approach.

The Testlio Platform is also built on a sophisticated, secure and modern Architecture. With a 100% in-house product and engineering team, Testlio is committed to the privacy and security of your builds (and your testing work with us).



Our managed app testing begins with a software release candidate. With the Testlio Build Service, you have a predictable, configurable means to take software packages from your Jenkins, Azure or other DevOps systems and share those with Testlio. You can automate build sharing between your CI/CD solution via the Testlio Platform, streamlining your release pipeline.


Testlio offers powerful test case authoring tools. We also can integrate with third-party software like Azure DevOps Tests and TestRail. Whether you write and manage tests yourself—or turn to the Testlio team for your Test Management needs—you have a single, sophisticated place to work.


The Testlio Plan Manager allows you to create QA testing strategies by grouping tests into logical plans for intelligent and rapid execution. A plan can be as simple as a single smoke test or as robust as entire regression.


With thousands of validated testers in nearly 100 countries, Testlio offers a massive pool of the best testers in the business. At the same time, our Services team hand selects testers for your project—based on your needs and the recommendations of our sophisticated algorithm. Further, you can learn about and communicate with all of the testers on your project. Plus, with ~80% tester consistency between Runs, you can forge bonds, and work rapidly, with key testers on your project.


The Testlio Run Management experience sets Plans in motion—and ensures on-time, thorough, thoughtful, consistent delivery. Runs can be as simple as quick smoke tests or issue fix verifications. They can also be as broad as complete software regressions with complex device coverage needs. How Runs work, and what Testlio does for you, is entirely up to you—with help from our expert Project Managers and Test Leads who provide guidance, recommendations, best practices, and ongoing management. When Runs are complete, you receive a timely report, proactively sent to you for easy assessment and constant learning.


The heart of the managed experience is the Testlio Issues module. Issues are where testers provide information on bugs, improvements, usability, language, device and other items. Each Testlio Issue is presented in a highly detailed, highly structured format. Further, issues run through multiple reproduction attempts, include video captures, are titled according to your conventions, are organized and categorized for you, are checked and verified before you see them, and are sent (once verified by the Testlio Services team) directly to your ticketing/management system.


Whether your team works in JIRA, Trello, VSO, Github or an alternative system, Testlio integrates seamlessly and provides you the exact issue-level information that you need, exactly where (and when) you need it. As part of our Onboarding service, the Testlio team does the work for you to make sure that our Integration Server is configured and optimized to deliver what you need. No coding on your side required!


The Testlio managed service produces abundant data with every Run. We track everything. Maniacally. Testers, time, devices, locations, actions, results, trends, recommendations and more are packaged for you. With each Run, you receive report summaries from Testlio via email. You also have full access to real-time reporting and monitoring—equipping you to watch what happens from the moment you kick off a Run.


The Testlio product and engineering team uses a combination of technologies and methodologies to build, maintain, tune and secure our cloud-based Platform. Highlights of our architecture include:

  • AWS: ensuring uptime, scale, security, and flexibility
  • MariaDB: powerful opensource database server and modern extension of MySQL
  • NodeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, Docker: modern development technologies
  • NewRelic, Raygun, CircleCI, and others: sophisticated DevOps tools
  • SSPA: rigorous Microsoft audited compliance
  • Best-in-class Software. Do-it-for-me Service.

    With Testlio, you have best-in-class QA testing software, bundled into a simple and powerful do-it-for-me service. From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support more than 1.5 billion users and rely on Testlio day in and day out.

    Interested in learning more? Drop us a line. We’d love to show you the Testlio Platform, and how it can be tuned for your needs, first hand.


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