The #1 provider of crowdsourced testing solutions 

Based on ratings on G2 and Glassdoor, Testlio is #1 in the crowdtesting space. Interested in crowdsourced testing? Considering a change of your existing crowdtesting vendor?

You’ve come to the right place. 


Core elements of crowdsourced testing

Testlio was founded by Kristel Kruustük, an early freelance tester. Frustrated by her experiences, she launched Testlio, committed to embracing the best aspects of crowdsourced testing. With an expert freelance network, a robust software platform, and comprehensive client services, Testlio delivers world-class crowdsourced testing.

Burstable testing

With Testlio, you can leverage quality assurance, localization, quality engineering, payments, and other forms of software testing, exactly when and how often you need it.

Broad coverage

Do you need testing on a specific device, in a certain location, or in precise languages? Testlio can help. 

Exceptional economics

Crowdsourced testing, with intelligent capacity optimization and smart global labor models, often outperforms other quality assurance approaches.  

Testlio networked testing differentiators

Testlio also builds on crowdsourced testing with unique aspects of our networked testing approach. These include:

Expert testers

Freelancers with Testlio are vetted, validated, and rated. Only 3% of applicants to the Testlio Network are accepted to client projects. And all freelance testers receive a 0-100 rating, along with multiple sub-ratings based on critical performance criteria (note: our approach to usability testing is different. Contact us to learn more).

Consistent testers

Testlio uses a high percentage of consistent testers run-to-run—while also rotating new testers for fresh insights and perspectives. Most other crowdsourced solutions leverage “whoever is available” models for testing delivery, creating inefficiencies in testing and escaped issues, often at the most critical release moment.

Thoughtful compensation

Crowdsourced testing often pays freelancers by the bug, leading to shallow coverage. Testlio pays by the hour, ​​equipping our expert testers to do the hardest, most thoughtful, deepest quality work. And Testlio benchmarks the testing industry regularly, striving to pay in the top quartile based on location, experience, role, and needs.

Connect with us to learn more about how we can solve your crowdsourced testing needs.