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Core elements of crowdsourced testing

Burstable testing

Broad coverage

Exceptional economics

Crowdsourced testing, with intelligent capacity optimization and smart global labor models, often outperforms other quality assurance approaches.  

How do our testers differ?

Our expert crowdsourced testers make a world of difference. They are highly vetted, consistent, and incentivized to test more thoughtfully.

Expert testers

Consistent testers

Testlio uses a high percentage of consistent testers run-to-run—while also rotating new testers for fresh insights and perspectives. Most other crowdsourced solutions leverage “whoever is available” models for testing delivery, creating inefficiencies in testing and escaped issues, often at the most critical release moment.

Thoughtful compensation

Crowdsourced testing often pays freelancers by the bug, leading to shallow coverage. Testlio pays by the hour, ​​equipping our expert testers to do the hardest, most thoughtful, deepest quality work. And Testlio benchmarks the testing industry regularly, striving to pay in the top quartile based on location, experience, role, and needs.

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