Fast Android Application Testing

We can handle your Android testing so you can keep building superior apps.

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Our Approach to

The Global Solution to Android Application Testing

With flexible managed QA services and global talent, we help you keep building. Testlio can help you target the smallest number of devices used by the largest number of your customers, adding in popular outliers for strategic device coverage.

Testing Results Ready Before Release Day

More Growth Opportunities with Less Growing Pains

With so many different android devices across the world, developing for Android is about knowing your market and who you serve and expanding coverage to match. Our global testing solution expands with your app, so when you’re ready to move into new markets, our device coverage can help you do so confidently.

Consistent Quality

Our Android application testing holds your app to the highest standards in the world’s most accessible, most utilized OS.

Global Device Coverage

Our testers collect devices so you don’t have to. We’ll pair you up with talented testers using targeted devices in the most important regions. Additionally, with access to racked devices from the AWS Device Farm, we can cover every Android device used by your customers.

Reliable Testing Partnership

As your partners in all things software testing, Testlio feels like part of the team. Your dedicated engagement manager oversees cycle execution and delivers fast results.

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Reach your users with Android testing.