Manual Testing

Fuel your growth with proven manual testing

The world’s most innovative companies count on Testlio to deliver exceptional product quality. From high-stakes streaming events to verifying global payments, our mission critical manual testing solutions have improved the experience of billions of users around the world.

The trusted solution for your final quality gate



A purpose-built and AI-enhanced platform for seamless testing, start-to-finish.



Take coverage and scale to the next level

When it comes to ensuring that your digital application, localized experience, streaming event, or payment system runs smoothly, or that your new releases are easily accessible and usable, Testlio is the right choice. With extensive coverage across 1,200+ devices, 400+ payment gateways, 150+ countries, and 100+ languages, we help you ensure high product reliability at scale.

Unlock efficiency with our managed services

We take ownership of your needs and act as an extension of your team. From being your advisors to your hiring team, we ensure you receive the right guidance, resources, and support. 


Extensive expertise


Vetted freelance network

Our testers are highly vetted and incentivized to test more thoughtfully. Only 3% of applicants to the Testlio Network are accepted to client projects.


Dynamic staffing

Our flexible, dedicated, and on-demand staffing options ensure that we continuously optimize your talent mix and capacity to meet your evolving requirements.


Versatile service model

From fully managed to co-managed, our customized solutions help you scale your staffing up or down based on your business needs.

Quality assurance techniques for every challenge


Smoke testing

A technique that involves taking short passes through elements of your product experience that we expect to work. Failed smoke tests may demonstrate build problems, and can lead to more extensive exploratory or scripted tests.


Exploratory testing

A powerful technique for testing new features when quick turnarounds are of the essence. Our testers learn about your product, risks, and previous failures to create new tests, driven by missions with clear objectives and often tied to critical pathways.


Scripted testing

A technique used when testing must be consistent, and the product is relatively stable. Testers follow a step-by-step procedure and validate that each step of the process operates by design. Scripted testing is often used for regression testing.


Issue validation

Our team works to describe, reproduce, streamline, and make actionable all issues discovered. This technique ensures that issues that enter your engineering systems and backlog are highly relevant and addressable.

Tap into the power of test automation

Test automation is the holy grail for speed and efficiency. With Testlio’s Fused Software Testing, we can help you embrace a hybrid approach that ensures the use of the right mix of humans and machines to improve testing outcomes.

Delivering tangible results


Decreasing time to market based on shorter testing activities, often intentionally during off-hours of your software development rhythms.


Ensuring fewer escaped issues, improving your digital product experiences and leading to better customer ratings, reviews, and satisfaction.


Enabling more accurate test plans and more predictable and consistent releases ensures that your team sleeps well at night.


Achieving better testing results with a highly skilled team while reducing testing management hours and optimizing costs.

Case studies and resources


Functional Testing Guide for Software Leaders

Testlio’s software functional testing checklist helps QA and engineering leaders think strategically about functional, regression, and exploratory testing approaches.


Payments Testing Guide: Flawless Checkouts

This how-to guide provides a holistic overview of payments testing, from definitions to use cases to actionable testing scenarios.


Staffing QA in Today’s Tight Economy

This article helps QA leaders learn how to overcome staffing challenges by optimizing the QA budget, leveraging crowdsourced testing innovations, and unlocking the efficiencies of automated testing.

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