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Proactively test critical functionality to target high-priority issues while optimizing for automation and future tests.

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Why start with smoke testing?

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Start with smoke testing, your basic entry point into QA. Smoke tests aim to find severe high-level flaws. Smoke testing is done for every major feature or function.

Early Issue Detection

Detect critical issues in major focus areas before diving into deeper tests.

Curb Costs

Solving major issues quickly saves money and optimizes testing resources.

Optimize strategy

Smoke tests raise red flags that develop next steps in the testing strategy.

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Perfect your pipeline


  • Embed smoke testing into the first day of testing.
  • Run smoke tests before pulling together a crowd for efficient resource optimization.
  • Develop critical product insights based on pass/fail results. Create a robust QA strategy to target major issues.

Create durable tests

  • Plan for recurring smoke testing runs or confirmatory checks after deployment into production.
  • Initial pass results let testers skip certain testing areas with confidence. Failed smoke tests trigger the need for more in-depth testing.
  • Enable testing managers to combine high-priority tests into relevant smoke test plans based on impact analysis.

Dive into automation

  • Manual and automated script mapping with manual flagging and fallback to ensure results.
  • Schedule smoke testing nightly, weekly, or on a deployment-based schedule to ensure consistent functionality.

Case Study

When telehealth company BrightHealth partnered with Testlio, they took back over 10% of developer time. More code means more potential for failure. Testlio testing managers schedule and plan smoke tests immediately after receiving builds but before planning and executing runs.

If the build passes, Testlio kicks off with runs using a pool of testers. If the build fails the initial smoke test, we hold the runs and reach out to the dev team, saving time, money, and frustration during later tests.

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Get insights from one of Testlio’s smoke testing experts.