B2B software success hinges on developing a B2C testing outlook

Business Software Practice leader Dan Minahan reflects on how adopting a consumer-facing mentality toward software testing can give businesses an edge — a follow up from our webinar on t…


How Europe’s startups are reacting to the invasion of Ukraine

Testlio’s work to provide relief to those affected by the war in Ukraine cited alongside the efforts other European startups.

Lean B2B

Testlio Co-Founder Kristel Kruustük on Creating an Enterprise Marketplace for Software Testing

Lean B2B Podcast host and author Étienne Garbugli sits down with Testlio Founder Kristel Kruustük to talk about her journey and Testlio.

Testlio Adds Fused Testing to Automate Testing Platform reports on the launch and concept of fused testing — at a time when testing has never been more critical.


Testlio Launches Fused Testing

Fused testing brings together automated and manual testing as a direct response to the tension between quality, speed and coverage in the software development process.

Authority Magazine

The Great Resignation: How Employers and Employees are Reworking Together

Testlio founder Kristel Kruustük dives into how employers can navigate the sometimes rocky future of working from home, mass resignations, and developing employee relationships.


Testlio raises $12M to help software developers scale testing

The round of fundraising enables the company to double down on its own software platform for software testing management and further shore up its sales and operations.

Built in Austin

Testlio Raises $12M to Grow Its Networked Software Testing Platform

The Series B round brings the company’s total funding to nearly $20 million.

Business Insider

Testlio Raises Series B to Evolve Software Testing

The company has increased revenue by 50 percent and employees by nearly 100 percent year-over-year.