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Our portfolio includes some of the most exciting brand names in the world, ranging from the biggest tech leaders to the most innovative companies that are transforming their industries.

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Ensuring the quality of one billion users

We are the final quality gate for the most popular apps in streaming, social media, digital payment, e-commerce, mobility and travel, and more. Our testing solutions impact the digital experiences of over 1 billion people across the world, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Global brands we support

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Innovative companies we support

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The go-to for localization testing partnerships

“Because of how flexible Testlio is and how many services you offer, I’ve partnered with Testlio for localization testing in my last two companies. I’ve shown up with Testlio as my location QA testing vendor for localization and then the engineering team wanted to expand the collaboration with Testlio to functional testing and location testing.”

Nicole Kittle Broe
Director of Localization

Testlio’s Flexible Crowdsourcing: Optimized QA Efficiency

“What I really appreciate about Testlio’s crowdsourcing model is that we have a lot of flexibility in how we mix and match resources to get work done. We can rely on Testlio to scale our testing resources for that period when we have big releases and then scale it down when we don’t need that extra resourcing. There’s basically an endless list of things like this, where we can optimize our QA effectiveness with Testlio.”

Annyce Davis
VP of Engineering at MeetUp

Integrated & scalable testing solution

“Testlio works like a test organization integrated directly into our team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a test team. Furthermore, it scales as we need more testing resources and shrinks back down when we don’t. We’ve found them to be flexible and capable of keeping the quality of our application high.”

Patrick Kim
Engineering Manager

Testlio goes the extra mile!

“I like how easy Testlio is to work with. It is as if they already understand what you are looking for and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their service is top notch.”

Max Robertson
Senior Manager Streaming and Video

Driving success through customer obsession

“Testlio is customer obsessed, committed to making us successful and realizing the full value of their services.”

Saradhi Potharaju
Principal Engineering Manager

Testlio’s seamless integration: supercharging feedback loop

“Testlio’s bi-directional integration to Atlassian Jira gives our teams seamless access to product quality insights while also maintaining a unified system of collaboration for efficiency, process governance, and traceability. The result is a faster and more actionable feedback loop on software quality”

Mark Armstrong
Quality Assurance Manager

Stellar collaboration elevates NBA product quality

“Great partnership to ensure the quality of NBA products and Services”

Shaun W
Senior QA | Release Manager

Testlio’s global network is flexible, fast, flawless

“Testlio is highly flexible! A great advantage comes from their global network of QA testers who help us test worldwide. With Testlio, localization testing is longer an issue. They also execute test runs pretty fast and offer multiple related services, such as test plan creation, test automation, and more.”

Alberto M.
VP of Quality Assurance

Here’s what we look for in our clients

Passion for Quality

We collaborate with clients who value our work and are dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience. Our clients set high standards for quality and are committed to growth.

Shared Values

We strive to create ethical and comfortable working environments for our employees, contractors, and freelancers. We look for clients who share our values, including kindness and fostering inclusion.

Strong Team

We provide the most value for companies with established engineering teams, in-house or outsourced, a product management function, and streamlined development processes that allow for relatively predictable releases.

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