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Real People. Real Devices. The Real World.

Testlio’s global network of expert testers mirrors your customer locations, network connections, and in-the-wild device/OS combinations.

Why Real Devices?

Emulators, simulators, and device farms have their place. Yet, they can’t account for all of the browsing, network connections, and infinite devices and operating system combinations experienced by live users. It gets messy!

Avoid the mess with over 10,000 freelance testers who use more than 1,200 real device/OS combinations to report details that emulators, simulators, and device farms miss, like:

  • Network connectivity issues – How do your web and mobile apps respond when your users lose service?
  • Truly accurate displays – What does your web and mobile app look like on a real screen from device to device?
  • Location – Does your digital offering change depending on where it’s used?
  • Physical experiences – Can your apps take pictures and scan QR codes with ease?
  • Interactivity with other apps – Does your web and mobile app switch cohesively between different programs like the app store and photos? Are pop-ups negatively affecting your UX?
  • Interactivity with hardware – Are your apps swiping and dragging like you want them to?
  • Context-driven results – How do device-based variables such as battery life affect your user experience?

Three Real Device Testing Use Cases


Theme Park

Context: The client, a leading theme park, added a new app experience to help customers find rides and estimate wait times.

Problem: Customers had complained about poor network service affecting their app experience and preventing them from using it.

Solution: Testers from the Testlio network across OS and Android combinations went on-location to the theme park and carefully tested network and app performance.

Outcome: With clear bug-reports on network-related app issues, the theme park’s development team improved network connections and created offline functions. The app experience became a source of efficiency instead of dissatisfaction for the park’s customers.


Top 15 Media Company

Context: The client, a top 15 media company, wanted to test their podcasting platform against real world scenarios.

Problem: With users across the country, the media company needed insight into how their app responded in the real-world, pre-release.

Solution: Testers listened to podcasts throughout their day at home, during their commute, at work discovering connectivity issues, bluetooth bugs, and more.

Outcome: With these pre-release insights, the media company developed a new, more cohesive podcasting experience and ensured a successful platform launch.


Top 15 Fitness App

Context: The client, a top 15 fitness app, uses Testlio to expand their device/OS coverage beyond what’s offered within their own device lab.

Problem: Users don’t always update software or buy the newest phone so 100s of OS/device combinations need to be tested to ensure quality.

Solution: Testers representing the missing cross-platform combinations use their devices (e.g. GPS watches, phones, heart-rate monitors) to run a series of test case prior to release.

Outcome: Instead of reacting, the client is able to release a fully-covered app update the first time. It saves the headache of post-release development and engineering time.

The Real Device Difference

Testlio offers a global network of expert testers, thousands of cross-platform device combinations, and fully-managed or co-managed options. Ask for a guided tour to learn more.

Increased Confidence

Release your app into the wild without worrying about gaps in coverage due to emulator or simulator blindspots.

Robust Device Coverage

Testlio’s network of experienced experts supports all of your testing needs no matter the device or operating system.

Fast Results

Take advantage of our on-demand testing network that delivers rapid results aligned with your agile testing windows.

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