Desktop Application Testing for Outstanding Experiences

We power consistent and reliable desktop experiences so you can confidently meet customer expectations.

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Deliver Consistent Quality on Desktop Apps Worthy of Installation

Whether at home or work, users place a lot more stock in any application they’ve allowed onto their desktop. That’s why reliability is key. Testlio can help you deliver a consistent experience across different machines and different OSes.

We cover functionality in all environments and test important conditions—like how connectivity might affect user collaboration or how disk space alters installation. And when it’s time to roll out the next great upgrade, we’re here to help verify its success.

Desktop Application Testing to Keep Up with Peak Demands

We test your desktop application under pressure to uncover how it stacks up against peak demands. Whether it’s large files on a single-instance application or heavy traffic from users on different machines, we can work with you to determine the moments of peak strain in need of testing.

We’ll monitor load times during different conditions, the application’s ability to scale, database behavior, and how well the app recovers following strain.

Gain Insight on Task Success, Customization and Ease-of-Use

Our skilled testers provide invaluable feedback on the experience of your application. Excellent usability requires that actions be completed with a minimum amount of effort.

We offer a new perspective on various toolsets and tasks, while logging all bugs found along that user journey. Critical features that make your app more human—like menu customization or help desk integration—deserve talented testers who care about your end user and the lifetime of your app.

Trusted by top brands

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Dependable Quality

Get top-to-bottom quality control. Our testers focus on front end usability and backend response so your customers can engage your app as promised.

Agile Results

From collecting cycle requirements with your team to delivering results on deadline, Your QA manager helps coordinate the entire process.

Valued Partners

Testlio performs QA on desktop apps that are critical in the day-to-day operations of the world’s best companies. Join in!

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