Testlio for Commerce & Retail

When transactions are on the line, digital systems must operate flawlessly.

As the originator of networked testing, Testlio helps retail and commerce businesses all over the world ensure great product experiences.

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Testlio retail and commerce clients include:

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With Testlio, commerce and retail providers experience:

Managed testing solutions

Via a unique, networked testing partnership model that has achieved a market-leading 81 NPS from existing clients.

Increased testing coverage

Leveraging 1,200+ real, in-the-wild hardware device types; testers in 150+ countries; and a network that includes more than 5K expert testers in the US.

Fast testing turnaround

Using a burstable, distributed testing framework, Testlio delivers results in minutes to hours which often take days and weeks with other models.

Compelling testing economics

Compared to in-house, outsourced and crowdtesting models, Testlio often provides unbeatable market value.

Improved products

Driving all of our work is a maniacal focus on helping you constantly make your products better. Clearer. Faster. Easier. Friendlier.

Increased revenue

With an improved product experience, your digital initiatives can contribute more revenue. More registrations. More e-commerce checkouts. More order-ahead, pickup in-store completions. More repeat purchases. Faster revenue growth.

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