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Outsourced testing 

Nearshore, offshore, onshore, and onsite options. Part-time and full-time structures. Embeddable quality experts across a variety of role types. Blendable with on-demand crowdsourcing possibilities. 

The new world of outsourced testing

Historically, outsourcing offered cost savings by moving jobs to other locations. While this provided some benefits, many outsourcing initiatives failed because of communication, culture, time zone, methodology, partnership model, and talent problems. 

It’s a new moment for outsourcing. 

With Testlio, we are 100% focused on quality. For 10 years, our business has delivered flexible, scalable, economically attractive, and highly impactful software testing solutions. Traditionally, we have leveraged a crowdsourced testing methodology

Now, Testlio also offers an outsourcing extension to our partnership model, all leveraging the exceptional client service, software platform, and other differentiators that make Testlio #1 on G2 and Glassdoor.

Outsourced roles and options

Testlio offers a variety of dedicated resources, available in part-time and full-time combinations, in locations around the world. 

Roles include

Structural options for roles include

  • Full-time: typically M-F, 9a to 6p, aligned with your time zone.
  • Part-time: also M-F, generally 9a to 1p or 1p to 5p, aligned with your rituals.
  • Offshore: available in lowest cost areas for optimal economics.
  • Nearshore: time zone aligned near often far away north or south.
  • Onshore: in your country but not in your office.
  • Onsite: available to work exclusively or partially in your office.

Blending crowdsourced and outsourced structures

Testlio often maximizes our value and impact for you via a combination of on-demand and dedicated resources across our three solution areas: QA, QE, and DX. These hybrid approaches enable new ways of working, ranging from episodic testing (for things like localization or usability testing) to continuous testing (leveraging quality engineering and fused testing concepts).

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