Nearshore software testing solutions

People located in 150+ countries across APAC, EMEA, AMER. Available to collaborate in-day with your team. On-demand, part-time and full-time structures. Embeddable quality experts across a variety of role types. All at compelling economics.

Nearshore done differently

In the 2020s, much of the software product world has realized the power of nearshore initiatives. Leveraging abundant talent, at high-value financials, with in-day communication is often a winning combination. 

Yet, many nearshore initiatives only go so far. Bound to traditional offices in limited locations, nearshore efforts can struggle to scale. Most are also limited to traditional full-time only approaches: you are required to commit to dedicated teams of 10+ people. 

The Testlio approach to nearshore software testing is different.

At Testlio, we are 100% focused on quality assurance, quality engineering, and exceptional digital experiences. For 10+ years, our business has delivered flexible, scalable, economically attractive, and highly impactful software testing solutions. Historically, we have leveraged a crowdsourced testing methodology. This has given us extensive reach and scale.

With this background, the latest Testlio nearshore methodology includes:

  • Flexibility across labor structures (full-time, part-time, on-demand)
  • Capacity in 150+ countries around the world (for team time zone alignment)
  • Ability to provide multiple nearshore alignments (perfect if your development teams are in several locations)
  • Opportunity to merge nearshore with offshore (well suited for companies that use both in-day continuous testing and overnight/overweekend episodic testing techniques)

Plus, the Testlio nearshore methodology leverages exceptional client service, a transparent software platform, DevOps integrations, and compelling company ethos that make Testlio #1 on G2 in the software testing and quality assurance space.

Nearshore software testing roles and options

Testlio offers a variety of resource types, available in on-demand, part-time, and full-time combinations, in locations around the world. 

Roles include:

Quality Analyst

  • Expert manual software tester.

Quality Engineer

  • Automated testing developer and operator.

Test Coordinator

  • Run manager and support specialist. 

Testing Manager

  • Testing strategist and team leader.

Blending nearshore and offshore structures

Nearshore software testing is well suited for highly collaborative quality initiatives, including daily stand-ups, continuous testing that ties to continuous deployment/continuous integration (CI/CD), and multiple role testing. But  it sometimes falls short. When development teams checkin code at scheduled times (sometimes in the evenings for packaged apps, major releases, localized instances), nearshore software testing structures can become bottlenecks. 

That’s where an offshore blend, often using crowdsourced testing, can be a perfect compliment. Offshore software testing picks up in the evening where nearshore teams leave off. The work continues overnight and even overweekend. 24/7/365, ensuring that when development teams wake up, software testing results are ready for their consideration—all with clear issues, actionable insights, and guidance on priority and severity. 

With Testlio, you can merge the best of multiple worlds. Continuous and episodic testing. Automated and manual testing. Nearshore and offshore testing. All at economics that your CFO will appreciate.

Connect with us to learn how we can solve your nearshore testing needs.