Initiate, coordinate, manage, and close testing activities.

Runs ensure all testing work is fluidly managed.


  • Fluid

    Runs offers an intelligent blend of standardization and customization. Automatically send new compiled builds to Testlio to trigger manual and automated testing runs via API endpoints. You can align Runs with builds from your CI/CD systems. You can also manage each test run in a customized fashion.

  • Seamless

    Runs operate with Tests, Plans, Issues, and the entire Testlio software testing platform. Everything that you need is available in one place.

  • Fast

    Whether you are managing Runs yourself, using Testlio software—or partnering with Testlio Services for Run preparation and oversight—you can begin and conclude quickly.


  • Initiation

    Runs can be automatically processed and surfaced to Testlio through active frameworks like Java or Python, started by your in-house team, or initiated by Testlio Services. Signals from automation tools can be pushed to the Testlio Platform to drive human-assisted triage of test results.

  • Scheduling

    Runs can be coordinated in advance for planned workstreams.

  • Leads

    Runs can have primary owners and coordinators. These can be Testlio Services personnel or members of your in-house team.

  • Assignments

    Team pools and individual tasks can be directed and monitored. Testlio’s powerful auto assignment algorithm can optimize testing resources for you using multiple factors.

  • Messaging

    Communicate with test run participants across organizations.

  • Notifications

    Automatic reporting provides email summaries after each test run.