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Runs Module

Initiate, coordinate, manage, and close testing activities.


  • Fluid

    Runs offers an intelligent blend of standardization and customization. You can align Runs with builds from your CI/CD systems. You can also manage each test run in a bespoke fashion.

  • Seamless

    Runs operates with Tests, Plans, Issues and the entire Testlio Testing Management Platform. Everything that you need is available in one place.

  • Fast

    Whether you are managing Runs yourself using Testlio software—or partnering with Testlio Services for Run preparation and oversight—you can begin and conclude quickly.

  • Free

    Unlike other standalone software systems, the Testlio Runs module, along with the entire platform, is 100% free for Testlio clients.


  • Initiation

    Runs can be started by your team and/or your Testlio Services team. Soon, runs will be automatically initiated via Build Service integration.

  • Scheduling

    For planned workstreams, Runs can be coordinated in advance.

  • Leads

    Runs can have primary owners/coordinators. These can be Testlio Services personnel and/or employees from your company (e.g. internal release or quality leads).

  • Assignments

    Team pools—and individual tests/tasks—can be directed and monitored. Testlio’s powerful auto assignment algorithm can optimize testing resources for you (using multiple factors).

  • Messaging

    Communicate with test run participants across organizations.