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Hidden risks can leave lasting impressions

Today’s agile software development teams face an onslaught of new devices, OS updates, and localization challenges, so it’s no surprise user-critical bugs are frequently missed by in-house or in-the-wild testers.

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Data burning
Battery draining
RAM mismanagement

As businesses adapt to the future of voice, wearables, and AI, optimizing Android and iOS app performance will be even more critical.

And with the increasing push to enter new and emerging markets, the need for dedicated local QA experts at scale is clear.

Help teams adapt at the speed of mobile

Unlike other crowdtesting services, Testlio doesn’t risk your release by relying on pay-per-bug bounty hunters or device simulators.

Real device coverage

Unlike other services that rely on software simulators to approximate performance, Testlio’s mobile app testing experts only use real Android and iOS devices.

Meaning fewer false positives and more complete, reliable coverage.

Global expert network

With professional QA testers on the ground and across the globe, you can be sure that your next release is as flawless in New York as it is in New Delhi.

Proactive OS Support

Testlio prepares your team today for the Android and iOS releases of tomorrow.

So they can make smarter decisions sooner and eliminate risks before they become issues.

At a glance

SAP Concur
Enterprise expense-management software

Partnership with Applause wasn’t uncovering the real issues.

QA process was reactive, disorganized and shortsighted.


3X more issues resolved in 1/2 the time.

Proactive device coverage and agile support

3X more fixes in half the time: SAP Concur Case Study

So what does partnering with Testlio look like in practice?

Consider SAP Concur, a global SaaS firm delivering highly configured mobile expense-management solutions for the Fortune 500.

The problem? Their crowdsourced QA service wasn’t uncovering the real issues. They were being inundated with low-quality reports (named “Applause bugs”) that were wasting more time than their worth.

Since switching to Testlio, the number of found and fixed bugs has more than tripled in just half the time. That’s a 6X increase in fixed-issue rate since switching to Testlio.

The find rate went up by 6 times. The fix rate improved. And when you look at the total number of bugs fixed.

That’s huge. That speaks volumes.

George Andraws
Senior Manager Quality Engineering
SAP Concur

Expert Testers

Only the top 3% of applicants are accepted to Testlio’s global network of QA testing professionals

Tailored Support

Dedicated teams grow with your product to provide rapid and reliable results

Clear Oversight

Powerful dashboard and flexible error reporting streamline mobile QA integration


Elevating mobile experiences for top companies

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