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High customer expectations. Hundreds of device/OS combinations. Accelerating high-pressure release dates.

Mobile app testing is hard. We can help.

The Testlio difference – networked testing

Innovative software testing platform

With comprehensive features and flexible integrations, we equip you with a streamlined and connected platform to test at scale, increase speed, and deliver actionable results.

Expert testers

With validated testers in 100+ countries, Testlio offers a select pool of the best-trained, most-motivated testers in the business. Only 3% of the tester sign-ups into the Testlio network are accepted.

Proven methodologies

Innovative software testing approaches provide you with the flexibility to test smarter.

World-class services

Our services team has earned a best-in-class 75 net promoter score and 4.7/5 G2 score.

Mobile Testing Case Studies


Bright Health Case Study

Telehealth platform takes back 10% of their engineering time and increases developer satisfaction with Testlio.


HitRecord Case Study

How Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s creator collaboration platform scaled QA and launched their first paid product in just six months with 0 P1 issues.


SAP Concur Case Study

Concur tripled their fixed issues since switching from their crowdsourced testing vendor to Testlio. Find out what makes Testlio different!

Business outcomes

Increased transparency and confidence

“Some of the benefits we’ve received are increased visibility over the “broken” parts of our mobile application and increased confidence in production released.” —Verified Testlio client on G2

Improved user experience

Less time sorting through bugs

True partnership

“Great mobile app knowledge and coordination with our hectic release cycles. Excellent communication and a pleasure to work with.” —Verified Testlio client on G2

Mobile app testing challenges

Testlio solutions

Accelerating development cadences

On average, our clients update their apps 2 to 4x per month. In a competitive mobile app space, this is a necessary yet stressful development and testing pace.

Burstable testing

Leveraging our global network of 10,000+ freelancers, we test when you’re ready — automated or manual, overnight or weekends — to deliver results within tight testing windows and release deadlines.

Fragmented devices

On average, our clients test 24 device/OS combinations per release. Knowing which combinations to test, and maintaining coverage on all of them, is a tall task.

Complete device coverage

Run tests on any device/OS combination leveraging the 1,200+ in-the-wild devices available from the Testlio Network, or racked devices from AWS Device Farm.


Your apps must appeal to users all over the world, regardless of language, currency, or localized nuances. Testing for a consistent, global user experience can be overwhelming.

Expansive location coverage

Our network lives in 150+ countries, meaning that we can match our testers to your users, no matter where they are.

High consumer standards

Your apps must appeal to users all over the world, regardless of language, currency, or localized nuances. Testing for a consistent, global user experience can be overwhelming.

Usability testing

Our expert engagement managers (often with 10+ years of testing experience) can design test cases to meet even the most rigorous standards of UX.

Testing a Top-20 Food and Drink Mobile App

Functional testing

Using test cases for each app function, our testers diagnosed an inability to tip with gift cards.

Usability testing

Our testers diagnosed an inability to cancel orders in-app – you had to go out of your way to call and cancel.

Localization testing

One of our testers drove three hours for on-site testing at a remote location to ensure that they experienced the same real-world conditions as users.

User experience testing

By ordering in-app, driving to the restaurant, and picking up multiple orders, our testers found that pickup wait times were, on average, 2x slower than the client’s goal.

Payments testing

Our testers diagnosed that payments on Android devices were double-charged.

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