From Kyoto to Kalamazoo, location testing assures a great customer experience – anywhere.

Let’s face it. Your in-house QA team can’t test in all locations. Now you can extend your location coverage with a little help from your friends.


Test in-country communication, network, and other experiences with a global network of testers.


Conduct city-oriented testing to assure the best advertising, streaming media, and live sporting event experiences.


Test IoT on voice-enabled devices, home monitoring systems, doorbells, appliances, and more.


Test the app-driven experience during real-life moments of travel like ride-sharing, public transport, driving a car, and more.


Testlio covers professional and business apps in real-work situations and environments.


Test in your stores to ensure that your app/store combinations are great.


Test your apps everywhere – sporting events, festivals, and amusement parks.


Wherever you need expert testers, Testlio is there. Have a location need? Contact Us.

The Testlio Difference

Forming a team of testers for every location where users might interact with your app can be resource-intensive and cost-prohibitive. Testlio addresses this challenge with an efficient process to test in some of the most unique locations imaginable.

We go beyond language translation and into uncharted physical locations.

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Experienced Testers


Location Testing Applied Use Case

In 2019, Testlio conducted livestream location testing for a TV Network app available on most connected devices. Testlio deployed experienced location testers within the top 10 U.S. metros to test the livestream while going about day-to-day activities.

Beginning with their morning routines at home and extending into their commute, the testers shared feedback on audio quality and the streaming experience as they walked their dogs, took the subway to work, and entered buildings with changing wifi, cellular, and Bluetooth connections.

  • One tester shared her experience of viewing the stream with one hand on her phone while the other hand jostled a New York City bus rail.
  • Another tester reported a broken feed upon entering her car, triggering a Bluetooth connection.
  • Yet another tester discovered while mid-feed that, upon entering a hotspot zone, the feed broke and started over from the beginning.

The feedback helped the Network better understand behavioral paths and improve the app-driven customer experience regardless of the location.

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