Effortless Usability Testing

Unlock the user insights that transform a good app into a great user experience. 

Today’s users expect more. Every time. On every device.



higher probability that a mobile user will abandon a task if the website isn’t optimized.


of end-users say their expectations of digital services have increased.

Evolve your user experience.

Your application may work as designed, but does it work for your users? Deliver innovative features and intuitive experiences that convert everyday users into loyal advocates.

Star icon rising to represent a boost in customer ratings from usability testing

Boost Customer Ratings

Demystify the customer journey and gain insights to improve user ratings and your brand reputation.

A smart phone icon with a check mark representing a reduction in support requests from usability testing

Reduce Support Requests

Identify and solve common barriers your users encounter, ensuring a better experience for your customers and your support team.

A lightning bolt icon to represent how successful usability testing can help drive product innovation.

Drive Product Innovation

Align your roadmaps with user-driven data to prioritize the features your customers care about most.

Ignite User Satisfaction

Testlio’s full-service usability offering connects you with experienced researchers to manage the end-to-end usability study and a network of participants that match your target users. Delight your users and deliver data-driven innovation without the hassle.

Strategic Specialists

Partner with Testlio’s experienced researchers to manage your entire usability testing project, from planning and recruiting to analyzing and prioritizing results.

Curated Users

Access a network of real users that match specific criteria, including your target devices, demographics, languages, experience, interests, and more.

Actionable Feedback

Receive a report with prioritized findings, SUS rating, relevant recordings, user sentiments, and actionable recommendations for your team.

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Unleash user insights with our flexible usability testing subscription. Conduct tests on your terms, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your digital products. Our expert team of researchers embraces flexibility while guiding you to iterate confidently and embark on a user-centric adventure.

Preference testing

Give your users the ultimate power to decide what works best for them. Offer two or three distinct options and gain valuable insights into their preferences. Unveil the hidden factors influencing their choices, and optimize your designs accordingly.

Moderated usability testing

Participants and facilitators engage in real-time remote sessions in moderated user testing, fostering seamless communication. Facilitators can ask clarifying questions and delve deeper into issues after completing tasks, ensuring comprehensive feedback.

Design testing

Gather feedback on your designs and screens. Our remote interviews with typical users ensure clarity of UI elements and relevance of data. Discover what users think about your latest ideas and refine them for success.

Competitive usability testing

Exploring the user journey towards competitors or alternative experiences reveals vital pain points for improvement. Identifying and addressing these areas of concern allows you to optimize your user experience, exceeding customer expectations.

Unmoderated usability testing

Discover if users can seamlessly navigate your user interface. Conduct tests anytime, following a script crafted by our UX experts. Unlock valuable insights into user task performance with ease.

Case Studies & Resources

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Fitness app ensures users have a winning experience

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A close up of a group of people using their mobile device.

The top 10 mobile usability issues

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Empowering creatives with exceptional UX

HitRecord scaled QA, delighted their users, and launched their first paid platform in just six months with Testlio.

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Talk to one of Testlio’s usability testing experts.