A Flexible Approach to Usability Testing

Testlio believes that usability revolves around the entire user experience. Our usability testing methods uncover pain points and provide behavior-driven insights and usability recommendations to improve ease of use and promote digital products continuous improvement.

In a world where priorities can change on a whim, Testlio has proven capable of delivering flexibility with a genuine smile. This really helps us serve our customers in an even more effective and timely manner.” – Testlio Customer, G2 Crowd Review


Learn how customers receive your product

You’ve conducted your functional tests and feel confident your product and features work as intended. It’s now time for usability testing to learn if real users can intuitively access those features.

Partnering with Testlio adds application usability testing throughout your software development lifecycle (SDLC). Now, the time-consuming and meticulous process of usability testing can keep up with your continuous development ambitions.

Industry-leading user researchers handle the entire usability testing methodology for you
Facilitate remote, moderated usability tests along with video and survey capabilities
Carefully select and manage participants to match your target audience from Testlio's network
Capture user sentiments as well as screen and voice recordings
Build structured test scripts and feedback questionnaires to uncover user satisfaction patterns
Analyze usability test results through severity rating and create actionable items for your team

Six End-to-end Usability Testing Examples

The lines between the physical and digital worlds have crossed, and users expect a frictionless end-to-end experience. Today, usability is about making users’ lives more manageable throughout the customer journey by accomplishing user goals and expectations.

Retail Usability Testing

The app for one of today’s top U.S. retailers empowers customers to search for offers, read product reviews, and create an advanced shopping list with notifications for sale items and product availability. The app experience extends into the physical world with options for same-day delivery, holding items for in-store pick-up, or delivering and loading purchases into the customer’s vehicle while they wait.

In the case of Usability Testing for this retail app, UX researchers who match the client’s customer base test the entire app-driven experience from start to finish. They provide feedback on their in-app experience as well as the quality and timeliness of the physical shopping experience. Example end-to-end usability test scenarios include:

  • App response time
  • App design and layout ease of use
  • Clarity of app messaging
  • Packing and accessibility of items on hold in the store
  • Time to deliver and load items into a vehicle
  • Friendliness of employees throughout the process
Theme Park, Ball Game, Concert Usability Testing

For entertainment venues and their apps, UX researchers conduct on-location tests to mirror the entire customer experience both within and outside of the app. 

Users are asked a series of questions to learn about the app experience while also visiting the physical location of the venue. In addition to bugs, the Testlio team uncovers valuable “on-location” customer experience insights. In one example where Testlio captured the end-to-end experience for the nation’s leading theme park, users reported poor cell reception within specific areas of the park that limited access to the app. Another user offered suggestions for ways to improve the app mapping and file saving features based on their out-of-app experiences navigating through the park.

Banking App Experience Usability Testing

Usability testing is initially designed to capture user feedback during the first experience with an app or product. Testlio takes it a step further to test the end-to-end user experience – all with demographically and behaviorally matched users who have never interacted with the app before.

Other usability tests measure:

  • App store discovery
  • Download process
  • Ease of onboarding
  • Ability to make payments
  • Ease of use as an early adopter

In the case of a retail banking app, users are asked to share the experience searching, finding, downloading, and using the app for the first time. Scripts are used to guide the user through the user flow of sharing secure information during onboarding. Usability tests are also conducted to evaluate the entire onboarding experience and Testlio provides suggestions for creating continuous improvement and elevating the product. Findings and recommendations are shared with client design, marketing, and engineering teams to improve the end-to-end user experience.

QSR Usability Testing

Nearly all major Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains now offer mobile apps with features like exclusive deals, custom ordering, pick-up time scheduling, group orders, and integrations with loyalty programs.

The hero user flow example for a QSR app is to search and customize an order, apply a coupon to the order, schedule a pick-up time, and submit the order. This user flow testing can be tightly moderated – all while performing the think out loud technique.

In addition to testing in-app experiences like response time, menu layout, and ease of submitting and paying for the order, Testlio captures other user experiences that extend beyond the app, including:

  • Was the order ready at the correct pick up time
  • Did the order match the selections made on the app
  • Was the check-out cashier receptive and polite
  • How easy or difficult was the return process
Remote Usability Testing of Mobile Home Page Navigation

Usability testing helps designers and developers understand user workflow while uncovering frustrations and the ‘why’ behind usability bottlenecks. The UX researcher works with a network of remote users by way of a screen-share to interact with and capture user engagement. The facilitator also uses a think-aloud method to capture comments, feedback, and concerns.

This approach to usability testing provides both visual and verbal recordings of how real users use your product, including navigational flow and above and below fold behaviors. 

Design Testing Prior to Extensive Code 

This type of usability testing is designed to capture user input earlier in a feature update development process by learning how your users receive the visual elements of a product.

The usability test is designed to measure the clarity of the content, UI design, and components. By helping to refine the designs along the way, the product team can identify usability design problems before product release and proceeds with more focus and direction.

We've got you covered

Curated network of users

Testlio has a dedicated network of usability participants who are representative of your global end-users, from dozens of countries, operating in scores of languages, working on an abundance of devices.

  • Usability testing UX researchers lead all engagements
  • Vetted users that match your demographics and psychographics
  • End-to-end coverage in all major designated cultures

In 2019, Testlio was brought in to test the real-life usability of a major TV Network app – measuring user behavioral paths within the app as they walked their dogs, commuted to work, used public transportation, entered various buildings, and went about their day-to-day activities in the top 10 U.S. designated market areas (DMAs). The usability testing uncovered vital CX feedback related to wifi, cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity issues, as well as audio quality and streaming experience. 

Testlio Usability Testing Project, Q1 2019

The Testlio Usability Testing Difference

Work With the Best

Testlio has deep domain expertise with over 1 billion end-users touching our customers’ apps every month. We only hire the most experienced project managers and facilitators to manage usability testing engagements.

Our Participants Are Your Customers

Tapping into Testlio’s network of thousands of participants throughout the world means an endless stream of new/fresh eyes to test the usability of your product. Our Usability Testing team pulls in representative samples of users who mirror the demographic and behavioral profiles of your target end-users and their preferences.

End-to-End Customer Experience Insights

Testlio provides behavior-driven insights, best practices, and a usability test plan dashboard to improve the customer experience, including uncovered bugs for engineering teams and user issues to help both product and marketing teams create a world-class customer experience.

Continuous Testing for Continuous Development

You have enough to manage already. Testlio takes care of your Usability Testing scenario from start to finish while delivering critical insights to help you build customer-first experiences into your products.

Efficiencies and Flexibility

Testlio has developed an efficient usability testing process and usability testing tools that keep costs under control. Clients tap into Testlio’s flexible professional testing network and project management teams to scale as needed.

Ease of Onboarding

Sign on to Testlio’s all-in-one managed app testing services platform and in as little as two weeks, you’ll have your account set up, usability test plan in place, team training completed, and all prep work required for your first usability test. Your dedicated project manager introduces you to the platform, secures a team of end-users, and guides the integration with your QA and software development applications already in use to report issues and connect with your team.

Continuous usability testing for continuous software development

Good things happen to good software engineering, product, and marketing teams when they remain laser-focused on improving the user and customer experience.

  • Experience significantly shorter time to build customer-tested products
  • Count on a professional services team to take on the heavy lifting and to carefully-select app usability testing participants who match your target audience
  • Uncover quality, UI, and user experience enhancement opportunities
  • Extend your team with highly experienced project managers dedicated to adding value, not merely going through the motions

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