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Digital experiences (DX) make or break software-powered offerings. Regardless of hardware— phones, computers, wearables, consoles, OTT devices, and more—users and customers demand great digital experiences.

Simple. Clear. Fast. Intuitive. Inclusive. Joyful. Delightful.

Your users want to interact with you digitally; whatever their systems and abilities, they want to know that you care, that you listen, and that you can help them.

For nearly ten years, Testlio has been challenging the norms of software testing. In the process, we’ve built a radical new approach: networked testing. Proven across millions of tests and hundreds of engagements, networked testing delivers exceptional value.

Driven by the principles of networked testing, the Testlio Digital Experience Solution helps you gain actionable insights, improve your digital products, and wow your users.

Solution overview

Testlio’s Digital Experience Solution offers actionable insights to improve your digital products and wow your users. The Digital Experience (DX) Solution consists of three major components:

Client services

Our work for you is fully managed. We bring a team of experts who rapidly create a plan, steer you through milestones, provide ongoing updates, and ultimately deliver actionable takeaways and clear implementation guidance.

Targeted users

We assemble panels of testers to match user criteria important to you. Location, demographics, and psychographics can ensure that we gain feedback and insights from highly representative humans.

Flexible toolkit

Testlio’s digital experience team leverages third-party and proprietary tools to ensure that information is managed, captured, protected, analyzed, and synthesized efficiently.

Digital experience techniques

Extended accessibility testing

Usability testing

Experience usability testing, where we meticulously refine your user experience to align with expectations. Our comprehensive services encompass planning, management, recruitment, and analysis, ensuring no usability issue goes undiscovered. Seize the opportunity to transform your digital products with our usability testing services.

Who we are

Renata Amatore

Director, User Experience Center of Excellence

Usability expert with more than 13 years of experience in user-centered design. Evangelizing companies into defining strategies through a data-driven approach. Broad experiences in E-commerce, Shipping, Fintech, Gaming, and Travel.

Section background

Delivering tangible results

With the Testlio Digital Experience Solution, you can experience:



Based on an expert-services model, Testlio engagements can move quickly, ensuring that the actionable insights you need are available—fast.



Testlio can dramatically increase your testing breadth across devices, languages, and locations. It can also expand your testing volume and frequency, driving testing scale levels.



A critical outcome of Testlio is excellent product experiences, leading to better customer ratings, reviews, and satisfaction.



The Testlio Digital Experience Solution gives product, engineering, and design teams a deep sense of understanding, helping ensure that you release highly accessible and usable software.



Based on Testlio’s unique business model and pricing approach, you can achieve better testing outcomes at superior economics compared to other software testing options.

Improve your digital experience.