I think you provide service that no one else does – localized testing in so many countries.

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Your users are everywhere

And they expect experiences localized for their preferences and tastes. 4 out of the top 5 revenue-generating countries on Google Play are non English-speaking. China has just surpassed the US in both annual iOS app revenue and downloads.*

Naturally, companies are taking localization more seriously. Users will routinely pass up products whose graphical or UI elements are incompatible with their culture, language directionality, or preferred devices.

Fully localized apps and websites outperform competitors — yet half of all QA teams lack access to the resources needed to test localization.**

We cover the world for you

Testlio gives enterprises access to an expert community of global testers who are passionate about every aspect of localization testing. From metaphorical design to language issues to bidirectional UI, our testers verify that a product will be pleasing to users while checking that localization efforts haven’t resulted in new breaks.

With an acceptance rate of less than 3%, our global team of testers has a wealth of experience. We prepare your product for release around the world.

Using thousands of devices, we provide test coverage in more than 100 countries and 140+ languages, including the world’s top 10 app markets.

* App Annie 2016 Retrospective
** World Quality Report 2016-2017

Quality in Every Country

Satisfy customers around the world with user experiences optimized for every region. We make sure your products are localized without breaks.

Coordinated Results

We execute test cycles around the world and around the clock to help you meet release deadlines in every market.

Localization Partners

By providing highly vetted local testers and an end-to-end QA management platform, we partner with you to maintain quality across versions


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