Accelerate your global growth with localization testing

Don’t let language and cultural barriers hold you back. Expand to new markets with Testlio’s comprehensive localization testing and build culturally relevant experiences for users around the world.  

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The true impact of poor localization


Customers will choose products that offer localized content


Customers will not work with brands that don’t invest in localization


Extensive coverage for intuitive experiences

Our network of 10k+ vetted testers possesses the cultural knowledge and local insights needed to verify your localized digital experiences in more than 150 countries and over 100 languages. Our extensive coverage will also grant you access to 500k+ devices and 400+ payment methods in our network, making your testing experience truly comprehensive.

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The importance of localization testing


User experience (UX)

Ensure cultural relevance and improve user experience by adapting your product to local nuances that go beyond translations. 


Brand reputation

Boost brand reputation by preventing mistakes and demonstrating a commitment to understanding diverse user needs.


Legal compliance

Ensure that your offerings comply with local regulations and customs, avoiding potential legal issues and penalties.


Cost savings

Detect and fix localization issues early in the development process to minimize the risk of costly post-launch modifications.

What we test


Internationalization (i18n) testing

UI localization testing 

App functionality

Untranslated texts

Currency validation

RTL evaluation


Marketing assets localization testing

Static image asset localization validation

Video asset localization validation

Marketing copy localization validation


Linguistic & translation testing

Language accuracy

Unnatural translations

Quality and consistency

Idiomatic testing

Delivering tangible results


Proven quality outcomes

When it comes to localization testing, it’s no secret that the world’s largest brands rely on Testlio to build comprehensive testing strategies that ensure quality at scale.


Dynamic staffing model

Our flexible staffing options, such as dedicated, on-demand, and outsourced resources, allow you to scale your resources up or down based on your project needs.


Rapid market expansion

Our testing experts can identify unique regional nuances, enabling you to confidently expand your business to new markets in a shorter time frame.


Enhanced release velocity

Our team takes on the recruitment burden, ensuring that you have quick access to top-notch talent for more reliable and predictable releases.

Case studies and resources


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How to Automate Localization Testing 

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Boost the effectiveness of your localization efforts with Testlio.