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Match product vision with user experience with functional QA testing services. Testlio ensures you deliver on functional specifications – every time.

Remove the “dys” in function

Functional testing validates that the software is executing as expected, ensuring a quality product. Testlio’s functional QA testing services help you identify and prioritize web and mobile app issues before your users do.

Why conduct functional testing?

icon representing the use of functional QA testing services to ensure better digital product experiences.


Improved digital product experiences leading to higher customer satisfaction.

handshake icon representing confidence for product and engineering teams through functional QA testing services


Increased predictability of a release for product and engineering teams.

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Accelerated product and revenue growth via seamless transactions and exceptional digital experiences.

Software Functional Testing in Action

Testlio combines a mix of functional testing types, solutions, and services for speed, coverage, and continuous integration.


Fully or co-managed services plus on-demand, part-time, or full-time QA and QE freelancers.


Functional QA testing services for smoke testing, scripted testing, exploratory testing, plus test automation management.


A flexible and integrated SaaS software testing platform for your holistic testing needs.



Software Functional Testing Checklist for Leaders

Learn eight strategic steps to take before writing functional test cases, the pros/cons of writing functional test cases in-house, how to build a functional testing feedback loop, and many more ideas for software engineering leaders.

The Ultimate Guide to Functional Testing

Learn everything you need to know about functional testing, including what is functional testing, functional testing examples, steps to test functionality, functional testing strategies, functional QA testing services, and functional testing use cases.

How to Write Functional Test Cases for Thorough Coverage

This popular article for experienced software testing professionals explains the types of functional testing, how they differ from nonfunctional testing, and the most important steps to follow when writing functional test cases.

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