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Integrations Module

Extend your DevOps systems with Testlio issue tracker and build API


  • Focus

    With Testlio integrations, you can use other DevOps tools for their primary purposes—ensuring that your testing activities and data are available where you need them.

  • Consistency

    With bi-directional integration, including major ticketing and workflow systems like JIRA, actions are dynamically updated and parallel.

  • Flow

    With Testlio integrations, your testing activities are more efficient – no more export/import needed.


  • Options

    Leverage multiple integration methods, from cartridges to APIs to visual interfaces.

  • Setup

    The Testlio Services & Platform teams are equipped to setup and manage integrations as part of our onboarding and managed services work.

  • Tracking

    Proven bi-directional integration using multiple methods to JIRA, Azure, Trello, Asana, and GitHub.

  • CI/CD

    Per the Build Service module, your pipeline management and packaging systems can pass builds to Testlio.

  • Devices

    With the Instrumentation module, grab native information directly from specific hardware operating systems and applications.

  • Importability

    Migrate data from existing test management systems via our CSV importer.