Leverage the Testlio API and pre-built integrations to enable signal based testing with your existing DevOps systems of record.


The Testlio API exposes a rich set of resources and RESTful endpoints that simplify 3rd-party integrations to the Testlio Platform.


  • Continuous Delivery

    Support continuous delivery initiatives by automating traditionally manual handoffs from build packaging and pipeline management systems.

  • Standardization

    Empower engineering teams with a proven, standard interface for integrations.

  • Time-to-Value

    Shorten time-to-value on integrations that extend the value of existing DevOps systems.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Avoid additional maintenance costs that can occur when integrations are built with unsupported interfaces.

Pre-Built Integrations

Powered by the Testlio API, pre-built integrations offer enterprises ready to deploy connections between the Testlio platform and the modern DevOps tools used by today’s software delivery teams including Issue Management, Test Automation, and Collaboration. Combining signals from across these tools informs smarter testing and leads to shorter time-to-resolution — all without forcing teams to change the tools they love. 

Task Management

Bi-directional integrations to issue tracking systems offer enterprises the benefits of Networked Testing, such as expansive testing coverage and capacity, all without changing how your engineering teams plan new software features and collaborate to resolve software defects.


  • Communication

    Automated updates between the Testlio platform and issue tracking systems ensure development, product management, and QA teams are all on the same page.

  • Efficiency

    Engineering teams can focus on fewer, more actionable updates because issues are validated, documented, and prioritized within the Testlio platform before being synchronized.

  • Continuity

    Existing support for seven different products and a roadmap with additional integrations gives added peace of mind knowing Testlio can support new or M&A inherited issue tracking systems.

Test Automation

Test automation integrations bring together automated and manual testing under one unified workflow. Session results and artifacts from 3rd party test automation platforms are automatically pulled into Testlio, so manual testers and quality engineers get access to actionable results, faster.


  • Velocity

    Increase the speed of software delivery by removing time-consuming hand-offs between automated and manual test execution.

  • Return on Investment

    Achieve a higher ROI on your test automation initiatives with turnkey access to the quality engineering talent you need to author, troubleshoot, and maintain test automation scripts.

  • Coverage

    Maximize your existing testing capacity coverage with more intelligent, context-driven test execution across machines and humans.

Test Management

Import test cases into the Testlio platform from 3rd party test management systems of record. Leverage the Testlio Services team to map test case, plan, and run taxonomy for ongoing import.


  • Time Savings

    Reduce or eliminate the time and cost associated with manually recreating test cases, plans, and runs across different DevOps systems.

  • Governance

    Gain stronger alignment across distributed development and QA teams through a single system of origin for test management.

  • Traceability

    Ensure actionable testing with a full line of sight from a test run result backward to the test case and plan associated with a test run.


Notifications are automatically triggered to different stakeholders based on events in the Testlio platform. Offers summary of test results in real-time and one-click access to view detailed run results within the Testlio platform.


  • Time-to-Resolution

    Speed time to resolution on issues with faster notifications on test results accessible from within the system of record for real-time communication and collaboration.

  • Collaboration

    Foster cross-team collaboration with notification workspaces that span different stakeholders across the software delivery lifecycle.

  • Oversight

    Leverage notifications to give engineering and QA management visibility into testing milestones.


Automatically trigger manual, automated, and fused test runs in the Testlio platform from CI pipeline automation workflows. Test run result signals are returned in real time to enable continuous integration with confidence.


  • Speed Without Compromise

    Eliminate manually intensive release candidate handoffs that slow software delivery while at the same time gaining more expansive test coverage with the fusing of manual and automated testing.

  • Shift Left

    Eliminate handoffs between engineering and QA teams, foster collaboration through a unified build-test-release process, and quickly identify candidate use cases for automated testing.

  • Developer Productivity

    Reduce idle time and empower developers to deliver higher quality software with a shorter cycle time from code commit to actionable identification of a software bug.


Turbocharge your application testing initiatives with embedded instrumentation to automatically capture actions and telemetry. Leveraging native SDKs for both iOS and Android, Testlio Instrumentation offers access to a broad range of diagnostic information such as user actions, screen image capture, time stamps, and more


  • Efficiency

    Increase the ROI of testing capacity by automating the capture of screenshots, network variables, location information, versioning, configurations, hardware, OS, and more.

  • Consistency

    Reduce risk of human reporting oversights and speed time-to-resolution with a common, actionable set of diagnostic data.

  • Ease

    Adding Instrumentation libraries to your software builds (generally pre-production) is fast, simple, and one-time. Settings put you in control over scope of capture to balance resources, performance, file sizes, etc.

  • Complementary

    Testlio Instrumentation can be embedded with specific Networked Testing build packages extending the value of existing crash reporting tools such as Instabug.