An app that works for every customer.

Everyone should have access to the digital products they need. Testlio conducts accessibility testing to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with mixed abilities.

Four Reasons to Prioritize Accessibility Testing

Reach a broader audience. Accessibility testing opens the door for new customers.

Testers are vetted, validated, and trained.

Customers care that you care. Be an inclusive brand for yourself and them.

Our Accessibility Testing Methodology

Our testers are experts at identifying and resolving accessibility issues, including converting your needs into comprehensive test cases. Our approach to accessibility testing follows three major tenets:


Our live testers pick up on subtle accessibility challenges that automated test-cases miss.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant

We design test cases to meet WCAG’s POUR standards—the main benchmark for accessible digital work.

Deep device domain expertise

From working across 1000s of devices, we understand both Apple and Android capabilities. That includes their respective accessibility tools, such as Siri, Voiceover, Explore by Touch, and more.

What We Test

Accessibility testing is a form of usability testing and functional testing. We make sure that your customer is able to access your web and mobile applications, no matter what their needs are.

Visual impairment

  • Ability to use site using a screen reader
  • Ability to adjust color contrast
  • Ability to adjust font and page sizes

Hearing impairment

  • Ability to see audio content—closed captioning etc.

Physical impairment

  • Ability to navigate site without using mouse


  • Understandable, logical, smooth navigation
  • Disabling flashing, rotating, or moving functions
  • Uncovering various technical issues

Use cases in action


Closed caption testing

For one major TV network, a key part of their accessibility provision was going haywire: closed captions.

The Testlio team came in and realized that the interaction between their app’s closed captions and the platform’s closed captions caused neither to work.

With this diagnosis, the TV network gave access to millions of customers.


Text to Speech Sign-Up

For any e-commerce site, a faulty sign-in is a revenue drain. This ePharmacy site wanted to solidify its sign-in with a text to speech option.

The Testlio team came in and simulated tens of sign-ups, noting different bugs in the translation software.

Now, the ePharmacy site can outline the sign-up process without any visual cues.


Voice capabilities

Radio is a great alternative to video for persons with a visual impairment. Meanwhile, a top radio app struggled to integrate voice commands.

The Testlio team tested voice commands in different environments and platforms. They uncovered which scenarios were troublesome for voice oriented users and reported to the client.

In turn, the client made its audible offering audibly accessible.

Accessible for everyone

A flexible and comprehensive QA offering

  • Our leading device testing capabilities means that your app is accessible on any platform. We cover 1,200+ different devices on countless operating systems.
  • Our empathic engagement managers meet your specific needs. We’d be surprised if you brought an accessibility challenge our expert testers haven’t seen yet—but if you do, we will design customized test cases for you.
  • Our global community of testers communicate in over 130 different languages. Language matters even more when you’re serving users with different, sense-based needs.
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