Deeper product knowledge for comprehensive coverage

Unlike common crowdtesting services, Testlio only enlists experienced professional QA engineers who understand your software inside and out.

This avoids the overwhelming influx of bugs you don’t need to fix, but have to pay for under the pay-per-bug model offered by our competitors.

Because deeper product knowledge means better catches and broader scenario coverage.

High-quality QA is essential to keeping our releases on schedule.

Testlio’s experienced testers and ability to meet tight deadlines make them invaluable to our success.

Mark Shaw
CTO & Co-founder

Dedicated teams deliver rapid, reliable results

Consistency and accountability are key in today’s rapid development environment.

That’s why Testlio deploys dedicated teams to every project, retaining valuable process and product knowledge for more reliable results and faster turnaround

Because of Testlio we were able to move at the speed that our customers demand and it allowed us to take more risks.

Kevin Henrikson
Partner & Director of Engineering
Outlook Mobile

Testlio felt like an extension of our own team and capability.

Barrie Levinson
Head of Program Management

Smarter incentives support higher-value actions

While many services pay their testers on a per-bug basis, this only drives discovery of the lowest-hanging fruit.

That’s why Testlio pays QA engineers an hourly wage, enabling them to uncover higher-priority issues that bring real value to your team.

Other companies on pay-per-bug models weren’t uncovering the real issues that most affected our users.

We appreciated the professionalism of Testlio’s testers week in and week out as we strive to meet customer expectations.

Heather Daigle
QA Lead

I love Testlio’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs.

I can ask testers to look for crashes and undesirable behaviors that we know exist but haven’t been able to reproduce on our own.

Benjamin Wolak
Mobile QA Engineer

Cutting-edge oversight boosts team responsiveness

With Testlio’s intelligent dashboard design, product owners are never in the dark about their builds.

From high-level overviews to detailed drill-downs, Testlio equips leaders with the data they need to direct resources and respond with agility.


Time-saving Transparency

Each ticket provides:
-Device, OS, Browser details
-Steps to reproduce
-Expected and actual results

Every log includes a video of the tester’s actions so that your Engineering team can clearly identify how the tester encountered the issue the first time, every time.

Unrivaled Perspective and Scope Unique to Testlio

Your Assigned Senior Project Manager will provide you with a Birdseye View of all features/paths in your application.

View issue-counts for every individual feature to prioritize and distribute tasks to your team efficiently based on business critical issues.

The reporting system is great.

The way it’s organized is very straightforward. It’s a component of the communication flow as well.

Anna Desilva
Software QA Engineer

Testlio allowed us to seamlessly scale our capabilities as we brought on new customers.

Sergei Anikin
VP of Engineering