Why Testlio?

A Proven Approach to Managed App Testing

QA leaders have learned that managing Outsourced Testing vendors or inexperienced Crowdsourced Testers delays progress without producing results. Today’s best approach is managed app testing and working with an expert crowd of testers. Crowdtesting at its finest!

Testlio’s Do It For Me managed services formula reduces, not increases, your workload by combining professional services, with a global network of skilled and validated testers, and best-in-class testing software to power efficiencies.

The Testlio Difference

Everything you need for QA, in one place.

Do It For Me

No one wants to question the quality of results or spend more time than necessary managing an offshore vendor or an inexperienced crowd of testers.

Your Testlio project manager becomes one of the most dependable members of your team and ensures you keep up with continuous deployment. Your project manager follows our Do It For Me approach to app testing and takes on your heavy lifting.

  • Collects cycle requirements, oversees test coverage, and identifies risks.
  • Hand-selects testers based on your needs and the recommendations of our sophisticated algorithm.
  • Communicates often and delivers results on deadline.
  • Provides recommendations on pre-production improvements.


Testlio has been a great QA partner for us over the years! Our Testlio QA project managers are always super responsive, very thorough in their communication and results, and very friendly any time we interact.

Testlio NPS Review
Localization Specialist
Top Five Global Multimedia Messaging Company

Quality of Testers

With validated testers in nearly 100 countries, Testlio offers a select pool of the best-trained, most-motivated testers in the business. Only 3% of the tester sign-ups into the Testlio network are accepted.

From accessibility testing to regression – and everything in between – Testlio’s global network of testers are hand-selected and dedicated to your project, retaining valuable product knowledge for faster turnaround.

  • Our testers live and behave like your customers with a diversity of devices, global locations, wifi environments, and languages.
  • Our testers work in short bursts to avoid fatigue and maintain objectivity – augmenting your QA team during periods of peak demand.
  • Our testers are paid by the hour, not by the bug, which leads to higher quality issue detection and thoughtful reporting.


They are great at communication, they got the feel for how our app works very quickly and asked intelligent and relevant questions. Whenever we were ready to push a version out to test their test cycles were fast and thorough. I have high confidence in them as a company which took some pressure off (they are very reliable).

Laura Alexander
Product Manager
Digital UK


With Testlio, you have visibility into every step of the testing process – from testers, devices, and test cycles, to issues uncovered. Further, you can learn about and communicate with all of the testers on your project.

  • Visibility into data captured including the number of bugs, devices, locations, languages, and overall test execution – serves as a benchmark on test cycles, issues, and hours to manage.
  • Carefully planned testing hours used to apply to projects of any type with unused hours available for more coverage as needed.
  • Unlimited licenses so your entire team can establish accounts and use Testlio software.
  • No hidden fees or upcharges for anything. Ever.


Other companies on pay-per-bug models weren’t uncovering the real issues that most affected our users.

We appreciated the professionalism of Testlio’s testers week in and week out as we strive to meet customer expectations.

Heather Daigle
QA Lead

Augmenting In-house

We support your continuous web app releases or provide burstable, short-term regression and location testing for native mobile apps. Whatever the need, we’ve got you covered. Our clients engage us because of this type of flexibility.

What do in-house QA teams get with Testlio?

  • A consistent team of testers to provide coverage for frequent web app releases.
  • A high volume of QA resources for native app releases only when necessary. This approach allows internal teams to manage day-to-day testing with fewer resources most of the time, reducing costs while maintaining full coverage when it’s needed.


Testlio’s PMs will do a great job of putting together test cycles and test cases with minimal input from us, but they will also accept and integrate as much detail as we can provide. Sometimes we provide a huge list of test cases for a new feature and the testers execute them all. Other times we say “try anything that you can think of that touches feature X”. We get quality results either way.

Mark Shaw

Testlio allowed us to seamlessly scale our capabilities as we brought on new customers.

Sergei Anikin
VP of Engineering

Bursting Outsourcing

Outsourced or offshore testing was introduced to replace in-house teams but comes with a set of challenges, including service fee transparency, unskilled testers, and communication delays.

Testlio’s more efficient approach introduces a highly burstable team of testers who are deployed to a specific release cycle, often in key locations and languages, in a very short period of time, typically a 24-hour window.

Why Testlio vs. Outsourcing?

  • Access to a high volume of QA resources only when necessary. This approach allows internal teams to manage day-to-day testing with fewer resources most of the time, reducing costs while maintaining full coverage when it’s needed.
  • Visibility into test cycles, testers, issues, and hours to manage serves as a benchmark for future projects.
  • Experienced project managers and skilled testers who provide essential thought leadership and insights.


The reporting system was great.

The way it’s organized is very straightforward. It’s a component of the communication flow as well.

Anna Desilva
Software QA Engineer

Complementing Automation

A blend of both automation (to increase unit-level test coverage and depth of testing without increasing overall costs) along with a set of manual tests (for more complex and exploratory testing), is the best way to achieve increased overall test coverage.

How does Testlio complement your in-house automated testing?

  • Integrating the design, build, and management of both automated and manual test runs and results with your engineering workflows.
  • Flakey automated scripts happen. When they do, hand off the build and receive results overnight for an automated-like experience.
  • Integrated reporting and insights to review and validate all test results and defects.
  • Supplement automated tests with real device utilization.


The value Testlio brings is unique, just like their people.

They bring thought, originality, and a diverse background of experiences to bear when it comes to testing, and that’s something we’re a long way off from being able to automate.

Jai Govindani
Chief Technology Officer
Red Planet Hotels

Outperform Crowdsourced

The number one flaw with the traditional crowdsourced testing model is that the low skilled testers, incentivized to find non-essential bugs, need to be managed and their work reviewed. The hidden costs of managing crowdsourced testing come from the need for detailed test plans, time spent going through non-essential bugs, and an inconsistent team of testers. This extra work challenges the cost-benefit ratio of working with a crowd of testers.

How Testlio outperforms with managed Crowdtesting.

  • Testlio utilizes a proven managed approach to crowdtesting with dedicated and experienced professional QA project managers and expert testers who understand your software inside and out.
  • Testlio deploys dedicated teams to every project, retaining valuable process and product knowledge for more reliable results and faster turnaround.
  • Built-in and proactive reporting process that pushes analytics giving visibility into the entire testing process: what’s tested, when it’s tested, what devices are tested, costs, outcomes, and recommended actions.


I love Testlio’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs.

I can ask testers to look for crashes and undesirable behaviors that we know exist but haven’t been able to reproduce on our own.

Benjamin Wolak
Mobile QA Engineer

Managed App Testing with Testlio

With Testlio, your internal QA testing teams can now confidently tackle full coverage during peak periods of demand without the burden of managing a second team.

From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support more than 1.5 billion users and rely on Testlio day in and day out. Interested in learning more? Drop us a line. We’d love to show you how we’re different, first hand.

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