Inclusive Culture

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are built into the fabric of our company. We cherish inclusivity and are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we’re seen, including:

  • Female-founded business. 46% of the full-time team are women
  • Distributed-by-design model with full-time people in 30+ countries
  • Inc 2022 Best Workplace showcasing 95% employee engagement
  • 4.7 Glassdoor rating, #1 in the crowdsourced testing industry
  • Committed to social impact via programs like Ignite and Crisis Aid

Expert Network

Our freelance network is high-bar while providing the reach needed to solve the most challenging testing demands. Reasons why our expert, freelance network is different include:

  • Company founded by a freelance software tester
  • Strong compensation (Testlio pays freelancers better and more intelligently)
  • Industry’s best testers (only accept ~3% of applicants)
  • 150+ countries (ready to test in any country)
  • 1,200 real device types (ready to test any device)
  • 100+ languages (ready to test in any language)
  • Consistent testers (our testers are trained and engaged run-to-run)

Open Platform

Testlio’s proprietary software is traceable and transparent; you can see everything happening even when we provide a fully-managed testing service. Other Platform factors to consider are:

  • Unlimited software licenses (we provide as many seats as you need for the Testlio system, with no additional fees)
  • Comprehensive visibility (actions in Testlio are open for you to see, understand, evaluate, and learn from)
  • Ecosystem approach (15+ partnerships and integrations including CI/CD, test automation, issue tracking, alerting, and SSO)

Unmatched Breadth

Unmatched Breadth 

Testlio provides holistic software testing solutions. We believe we have the broadest offering in the software testing market. Ways to consider our solutions breadth includes:

  • QA, QE and DX solutions
  • 6 primary testing techniques
  • 18 testing coverage areas
  • Comprehensive testing platform
  • Robust API and 15+ integrations
  • Expert quality professionals in 150+ countries

Unique Approach

We’ve built a unique way of doing things over the last 10 years. We call this “networked testing” and it includes methodologies like burstable testing and fused testing. While we also use proven techniques (like scripted testing and exploratory testing), we’ve tuned them to perform exceptionally well. Aspects of networked testing include:

  • Fused testing methodology integrates QE and QA
  • Burstable testing methodology enables flexibility and consistency
  • Digital experience solutions help you deliver product greatness
  • Crowdsourced and outsourced possibilities provide flexibility
  • Industry practices and concentrations foster success
  • Delivery teams that can cover testing strategy, management, execution, insights and more—24/7 in 100+ countries
  • #1 on G2 across multiple factors, including 9.7 for quality of support (vs 8.3 average)

Exceptional Value

Given our distributed-by-design structure, lean funding model, and capital efficiency, we can offer exceptional financial value to our clients. We hold that our flexible approach drives unmatched economic returns measured in cost containment, efficiency gains, and revenue growth. We encourage you to learn more about our economic value for your organization, including:

  • Cost containment via specialization, capacity optimization, and aggressive pricing
  • Efficiency gains via actionable insights and intelligent partnership models
  • Revenue growth via better digital experiences and more inclusive products and capabilities

Learn More 

If you haven’t already, please request a conversation with one of our testing specialists. They’ll help unpack the concepts above and explore how Testlio might fit your organization.