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Distributed By Design: What is remote work like at Testlio?

Testlio is a globally distributed company with over 150 TestLions working from more than 20 countries around the world 🌍 While many companies had to quickly transition to a remote model in 2020, Testlio has embraced distributed work in our global network since we started back in 2013. And in 2018, we began to move the entire company to a distributed approach. So, what is it like working in a distributed-by-design culture?

Key takeaways:

  • Work from the comfort of your home
  • Create genuine human connections through virtual channels
  • Experience greater diversity thanks to distribution

Work from home — or whatever space works for you.

For João, a Senior Product Manager in Lisbon, that means working from his vineyard.  Matthew, VP of EMEA Sales, is productive next to his horse farm in rural England. Earlier this year, Chief Client Officer Summer spent time working from her family’s beach house on the Carolina coast.

Bryan’s working view in Kenya

While Testlio does have a collaboration space in Tallinn, Estonia, all employees are encouraged to work wherever and whenever they feel most energized.

Priit, a Software Engineer in Tallinn, added, “Working from home is sometimes challenging yet always boosts my creativity. The different environment gives you a whole new perspective on seeing solutions for problems. It’s great to have the freedom to be extremely productive when the highest inspiration is present, whether it’s in the morning or late afternoon.”

Communication is often virtual but the human connection is real.

As a distributed company that is deeply passionate about great software experiences, it is no surprise that we rely heavily on technology. In addition to relying on apps like Zoom for client meetings, All Hands, standups, and design demos, we also leverage video conferencing, Slack, Donut, BambooHR, Leapsome and more to keep people connected on a personal level as well.

“Our weekly rituals have a huge impact and keep us aligned,” explained Zaur, a Product Designer in Tallinn. “We actively use our team Slack channel for discussions and sometimes just to have a chat. I think having a simple, fun chat with your team is an important part of working together, so bringing that to the online environment enhances the connectedness a lot.”

Simona discovering a virtual game we played during LionFest, our annual get-together.

Experience greater diversity thanks to distribution.

By hiring the best talent regardless of their geographic location and embracing a flexible work culture, Testlio is able to foster a more diverse workforce. 

“With teammates coming from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, it’s a good way to learn how different people work,” said Deepthy, a Testing Manager in North Carolina. “I’ve adopted some new ways of working and increased my productivity. And if you are looking for a particular skill set, you reach out to the team and there is always a person who knows that and is ready to chip in, often from the other end of the world.”

In addition to new perspectives, TestLions often bring their unique passions along as well. For example, Martha, an Engagement Manager in Virginia, teaches bi-weekly yoga classes. These sessions give TestLions an opportunity to meet colleagues they may not know, slow down for a moment in our busy and stressful lives, and hold space for ourselves to move and connect with our breath. 

A glimpse of Martha’s bi-weekly yoga session.

“My favorite part of the yoga sessions is anticipating who might join that particular session,” said Martha. “Who will I meet today? Who will I see again who I don’t typically interact with on a daily or weekly basis? What can I offer them to help them disconnect from their day-to-day life? It’s truly fulfilling to see people smile and appreciate themselves for taking an hour out of their day to reconnect and ground themselves.”

To do your best work, it’s important to not only stay connected with your colleagues but also with yourself and at Testlio we enable you to do both.

That’s our global TestLion Pride in a nutshell – working where it works for us, embracing all the possibilities technology can enable, and opening our minds to new perspectives by connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. All of it helps power networked testing to enable human possibilities. 

If you see yourself being a part of our mission and community, check out our open positions 👇