Testlio Services Capabilities

Flexible, strategic, and trusted resources to take your quality initiatives to a new level.

A holistic set of software testing services

Testlio’s Services team is equipped to become your most valuable quality ally, helping you overcome challenges in critical releases. Strategy, planning, insights, recommendations, management, and more — all tuned to fit your unique needs.

For Engineering Leaders

With A to Z coverage, we help software engineering leaders do more in less time while reducing testing costs.

For Product Leaders

Product managers love our comprehensive offering and coverage and leverage our expertise across different types of methodologies.

For QA Leaders

QA leaders augment their teams with Testlio to scale device and location coverage and accelerate testing velocity.

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Services Team Roles

The global Testlio Services team provides comprehensive quality assurance, quality engineering, and digital experience expertise to each client engagement. Key roles include:

Services Director

Strategic leader. Collaborates on insights and provides recommendations, ensuring high value and impact.

Engagement Manager

Your point of contact for success. Sets direction, aligns priorities, coordinates activities, and monitors value realization.

Testing Manager

Ensures test run success by guiding test strategy, test coverage, and resource needs.

Test Lead

Supports test execution by coordinating and supporting Network testers.

Quality Analyst

Quality expert focused on manual testing execution.

Quality Engineer

Develops, maintains, executes, and analyzes automated tests.

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Services team roles intentionally overlap and operate as a collective – ensuring knowledge sharing, resiliency, speed, and predictable results.

Centers of Excellence

Quality Assurance CoE

Quality Engineering CoE

Provides test automation development and management resources, governance, frameworks, oversight, technology, and integrations.

User Experience CoE

Offers expertise in UX, user-centered design, usability testing, and continuous innovation to help ensure exceptional experiences.

Accessibility CoE

Evaluates digital products for accessibility, focusing on supporting the needs of people with disabilities.

Industry Practices

Organized to align testing capabilities to the unique needs of differentiated industries, Testlio’s Practices bring experienced leaders and tuned practices to our clients. We currently have three industry-focused Practices. More are launching soon.

Media & Entertainment

Ensure data integrity, live stream success, and flawless audience experiences. Proven through multiple Super Bowls, the launch of new streaming services, and more.

Business Software

Deliver superior user experiences and leverage our domain expertise and testing best practices to improve CSAT, secure renewals, and fuel expansion.

Health & Wellness

Align with the rapid pace of digital acceleration in healthcare. Our thoughtful approach supports compliance initiatives and drives better patient experiences.


What makes us different

Complementing your quality organization. Extending your testing efforts. Fully tackling all of your testing needs. Blending internal quality professionals with freelance talent. Testlio does things differently.

Unmatched expertise

Maximum flexibility

Built for scale

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