Fast. Global. Networked. Scalable. Robust. Impactful.

Complementing your quality organization. Extending your testing efforts. Fully tackling all of your testing needs. Blending internal quality professionals with Testlio’s freelance Network. Seasonal testing. Sporadic testing. Continuous testing.

Services Team Structure

The Testlio Services team brings multiple named resources to each client engagement. From a light-touch approach to an embedded and integrated arrangement, our primary roles are:

Services Director

Oversees a portfolio of clients, ensuring high value and impact.

Test Lead

Manages test runs, ensuring that tests, plans, devices, locations, languages, and testers are tuned and activated for you.

Engagement Manager

Your primary point of contact for our clients. Responsible for strategy, collaboration, delivery, and ongoing results.

Technical Lead

For complex software testing efforts, platform integration initiatives, software release strategy, and more, our technical leads step in on a consultative basis (while also leading multiple testing initiatives).

Services team roles intentionally overlap and operate as a collective – ensuring knowledge sharing, redundancy, resiliency, and predictable, fast results. 


Platform Powered

The Testlio Services team is powered by the Testlio platform, providing predictability, traceability, scale, and ongoing insights.

Network Scaled

Testing is performed by our global network of more than 10K expert, human testers. Available when you need them. Generally, our clients have 10-50+ testers per major run—delivering burstable, scalable testing, at compelling economics.

Industry Leading

Quick smoke test turnarounds, overnight functional testing, in-field location testing, real-time events monitoring, multi-country linguistic testing, weekend-oriented regression testing—and more. Testlio offers the industry’s most flexible set of structures, approaches, and capabilities

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