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What is manual testing?

Manual testing is a QA method in which human testers evaluate an application, module, API, or feature without using automated tools. It identifies potential bugs or discrepancies by comparing the developed code’s behavior to its expected behavior.

What are the top manual testing service types?

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Accessibility testing

Manual accessibility testing provides equal access and opportunity to people with mixed abilities. Software testers pick up on subtle accessibility challenges that automated test cases miss.

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Exploratory testing

Regression tests are enhanced when combined with exploratory testing, where experienced testers attack the product, even trying to break it, by doing things in combinations not anticipated in the test cases.

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Localization testing

For localized, global app testing, testers double-check language use, payment and currency nuances, and other regional localization factors through localization testing.

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Mobile app testing

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Moderated usability testing

When it comes to functionality and first impressions, there’s no replacement for the human eye. Moderated usability connects you with a network of participants that match your target users, plus experienced researchers to manage the end-to-end usability study.

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Scripted testing

Testers follow a step-by-step procedure and validate that all processes operate as intended. Scripted testing provides detailed, traceable coverage across all known features of your product.

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Smoke testing

It’s far quicker for a software QA to poke around your app and see if it’s ready for hardcore testing than for a tester to write scripts that would do the same. Smoke tests aim to find severe high-level flaws in every significant feature or function.

Fusing manual and automated testing

Test automation is the holy grail for speed and efficiency. But hold your horses; humans dominate where automation cannot.

Humans and machines

Fused software testing integrates human expertise and machine capabilities across various testing aspects, techniques, and methodologies.

Maximum efficiencies

Fused testing merges adaptable teams with innovative practices and dependable systems for effective testing.

DevOps friendly

As a verified model, high-performing engineering teams capitalize on the strength of interconnected systems and networks unique to fused testing.

What to expect from Testlio’s manual QA testing services

Activate QA

Expect various forms of testing coverage, including mobile app testing, functional testing, localization testing, payments testing, stream testing, and more.

Support automated

Leverage humans to build automated test suites and to serve as a fallback for failed or flakey automated runs.

Full coverage

Gain full testing coverage for old and new devices and OS combinations. Manual. Automated. Whatever it takes.

Improved economics

Tap on-demand burstable testers only when you need a capacity boost.

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