Ensure high-quality issue reports through issue validation

In the traditional tester-to-engineer pipeline, bug reports travel directly to devs/product owners without oversight. Insert issue validation into your pipeline for better reports, more P1 bugs fixed, and happier customers.

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What you gain with Issue Validation

Issue validation delivers reproducible, actionable, and triaged issues directly into your engineering management systems so your devs can focus on what matters – fixing bugs.

Exceptional data

Issues are relevant, properly attributed with data, (including device-specific data), reproducible and actionable.

Saved engineering time

Only validated issues are entered into integrated systems, ensuring the issue backlog is relevant and addressable.

More high-priority bugs first

Test leads review issues operatively during the run and validate high-priority issues immediately.

Better product

Triaged, reproducible, clear issues have high fix and address rates. Keep noise down and focus on fixing bugs.

Deliver your team reproducible issues on a silver platter

Triaged Issues

Test leads are doing issue validation for all issues that testers report. Only approved issues end up in your bug tracking systems – keeping the noise down. We know what to prioritize and to fix at later stages.

Strategic Specialists

Access a carefully vetted network of test leads with exceptional knowledge of your product: product changes, existing issue backlog, and patterns of design issues. This knowledge, paired with support from the platform, ensures highly actionable issues.

Automation fallback

Automation errors get validated and reproduced also manually. This ensures high actionability of issues typically not achieved in regular automation testing setups

Device-specific insight

Our team reproduces issues on different configurations to catch system, device, and configuration-specific issues. Ensure users get the same UX across all devices.

Case Studies & Resources

Issue Validation Testing Case Study

SAP’s increased their find rate 6x and fixed issue rate 3x when partnering with Testlio.

Why reproducing bugs is critical to QA

Learn how issue reproduction leads to less noise and a higher fix rate from Testlio test lead Brian.

Build, Test, and Release Great Software

Spend 30 minutes with three engineering leaders at the forefront of technology, process, and talent.

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Talk to one of Testlio’s issue validation experts.