The Top Test Management Tools

There are many ways to perform issue tracking that keeps testers in the same platform as developers. GitHub and BitBucket centralize efforts across teams. But what happens when your testing

QA + UX : How to Nail First Impressions with New Customers

How many apps that you’ve signed up for (or downloaded) do you actually use? Which ones make you forget all about them and which ones make you fall in love?

5 Things to Test in an Omnichannel Retail Environment

As consumers, we’re all obsessed with omnichannel retail whether we know it or not. I like finding an excellent promotion for my favorite fitness retailer on Facebook mobile, scoping it

Meet Testlio’s animal side!

  Furry, hairy, scaly, purry, fuzzy,  fluffy, … we have some pretty awesome animal friends and we just love having them around. Well some can’t really fit in the office

Why Localization Testing is About More than Language

  A software product can’t achieve global domination without internationalization (I18n) and localization (L10n). Internationalization is the first step: this process requires that a product have the ability to support

How to Excel at Customer Experience Testing

For the longest time, the relationship between product quality and customer satisfaction was one of the hardest things to measure. While it’s still fairly elusive, review platforms and helpdesk suites make