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Testing and QA for video distribution, streaming, data and gaming requires a unique set of skills.

Media and entertainment leaders turn to Testlio’s media practice for domain expertise and rapid results. Testlio’s media testing solutions combine a software testing platform, expert testers and quality engineers, and a specialized team of engagement managers – enabling you to deliver flawless experiences.

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How we help

Video Distribution

We audit distributed content for a seamless brand experience while helping to protect licensing revenue on any device, in any global media market.

  • Hold distribution partners accountable by monitoring broadcast quality, localization, playback metadata, closed captioning, and more.
  • Daily audits of program publishing and expirations to protect licensing and distribution agreements.
  • Provide asset checks, localization, payment, and usability testing on multiple device/OS combinations.

Live stream

We craft a live stream media testing and development plan, form a team of experts, and test on any device, in any global media market.

  • Pre-event preparation & practice cycles.
  • Monitor, test, and validate all app functional and design implementations during the event.
  • Rapid response reports on video stream health issues and analytic integrity.
  • Monitor and report vital analytics issues related to the event page, video, and ad tracking.

Data and Analytics

We monitor, test, and report on data integrity and viewer outcomes for revenue protection and programming decisions.

  • Assign clusters of testers in all major media markets on all major device/OS combinations.
  • Monitor and report issues with vital analytics related to the event page, video, and advertising tracking.
  • Geotarget live stream ad serving and experience testing for any event.
  • Provide analysis and actionable reporting for quick decision-making.

Gaming and Esports

We leverage people and devices to quickly evaluate performance and stability for single and multiplayer experiences

  • Full coverage on consoles and mobile device/OS including Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android.
  • Global on-demand QA game testers using different network connections to jump into a game or global lobby 24/7.
  • Single test management platform enables direct tester communication and tester combinations of in-house, hybrid, and/or freelance testers.
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Case studies in action

Launching a global subscription streaming service

Live stream broadcast of largest sporting event of the year

For three years running, Testlio’s streaming media testing team has monitored the Super Bowl for two U.S. media and entertainment networks, on 10+ platforms, across multiple apps for the entire nine-hour event. Testers observed stream health and reviewed tracking calls via Charles and Wireshark while maintaining real-time communication with each network’s live stream production team via Slack.

Understanding user interactions and video performance

A multinational mass media conglomerate needed to validate the integrity of its analytics and sought out Testlio for continuous testing for page, track, and video calls. Leveraging a data integrity testing checklist, we reviewed each call to ensure it matched the metadata requirements and the accurate volume/order of visible calls.

A new level of game progression, localization, and performance testing

A leading mobile game publisher was struggling with localization and performance issues during gameplay progression and within their global chat feature.
To help provide users with a truly compelling and enjoyable gameplay experience, Testlio assigned 40 game testers to conduct exploratory, localization, and performance testing during load out and as they progressed into more difficult levels, missions, worlds, and campaigns.

“Testlio provides project managers that really aid in the engagements to ensure that the testing requirements are understood and results are reviewed and provided in a timely manner. You literally can request testing for an application, web, mobile web, native applications, and expect to receive results shortly after the tests are completed.”

Max R, Director Live Digital Operations (51-1000 emp.)

Media leaders turn to Testlio media testing solutions for capabilities like:

Functional testing

Managing releases for error-free experiences.

Regression testing

Covering a complete code base as it is updated

Live stream testing

Providing distributed monitoring and testing coverage.

Usability testing

Experience and journey testing to drive thoughtful improvements.

Localization testing

Powering linguistic QA in regions and countries that matter.

Mobile testing

Enabling native app testing across hundreds of device/OS combos.

Web testing

Operating across browsers on real, distributed hardware.

Analytics testing

Tracking content and advertising engagement behaviors.

“I like how easy they are to work with. It is as if they already understand what you are looking for and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their service is top notch.”

Max R, Director Live Digital Operations (51-1000 emp.)

With Testlio, media and entertainment companies experience:

Deep media experience

With account, services, and testing teams well versed in content production, distribution and media quality control.

Game-time performance

Testlio has led streaming media testing for the last three Super Bowls, along with countless other major media events.

Secure and proven systems

With Testlio’s SSPA approved software platform, security protocols, and processes proven across 6.5M+ tests, you can partner confidently.

Exceptional client service

As demonstrated by a 75 NPS and 4.7 / 5 star G2 review average, Testlio clients are happy—and successful.

Data and advertising assurance

Testlio is uniquely experienced in testing threaded tracking, analytics, and advertising performance.

Increased testing coverage

Leveraging 1,200+ real, in-the-wild hardware devices and racked devices from AWS device farm; testers in 150+ countries; and a network that includes more than 10K expert testers.

Guaranteed OTT capacity

With multiple years of testing the top 12 video streaming platforms, locally in top metro markets, Testlio can make sure that your video entertainment experience is great across Chromecast, Roku, Samsung, Sony, AppleTV and more.

Fast testing turnaround

Blending manual and automated testing with on-demand and distributed freelancers, Testlio provides accurate coverage in minutes and is equipped to do live testing in the moments that matter most.

Compelling testing economics

Compared to in-house, outsourced and crowdtesting models, Testlio can deliver unbeatable value.

Improved products

Driving all of our work together is a maniacal focus on helping you constantly make your products better. Clearer. Faster. Easier. Friendlier.

“Very detail oriented, friendly, thoughtful QA testers. Testlio’s representatives are very friendly and responsive, and their QA team is great at investigating the ins-and-outs of even complex systems and providing detailed feedback, screenshots, and videos of the bugs and UX issues they discover.”

User in Motion Pictures and Film (51-1000 emp.)

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