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Dive deep into the complex video, streaming, and gaming world with Testlio. Our advanced QA platform integrates seamlessly into your workflow, providing unparalleled testing expertise. Transform challenges into victories and ensure an impeccable user experience every time.

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How we help

OTT Apps

We ensure high-quality OTT streaming experiences meet rising expectations.

  • Test your SVOD, AVOD, and FAST apps on any OTT device in any country and language. Expand your in-house coverage to 1000+ OTT device/ OS combinations.
  • Leverage global testers for payment methods, location-based advertising, compliance, captions, audio tracks, and network conditions.
  • Harness on-demand QEs to accelerate your automation journey and convert social signals into reproducible issues.

Video Distribution

We audit distributed content for a seamless brand experience while helping to protect licensing revenue on any device in any global media market.

  • Hold distribution partners accountable by monitoring broadcast quality, localization, playback metadata, closed captioning, and more.
  • Daily audits of program publishing and expirations to protect licensing and distribution agreements.
  • Provide asset checks, localization, payment, and usability testing on multiple device/OS combinations.

Live stream

We craft a live stream media testing and development plan, form a team of experts, and test on any device in any global media market.

  • Monitor, test, and validate all app functional and design implementations during the event.
  • Rapid response reports on video stream health issues and analytic integrity.
  • Monitor and report vital analytics issues related to the event page, video, and ad tracking.

Gaming and Gambling

We leverage people and devices to quickly evaluate performance and stability for single and multiplayer experiences.

  • Full coverage on consoles and mobile device/OS, including Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android.
  • Global on-demand QA game testers using different network connections to jump into a game or global lobby 24/7.
  • Single test management platform enables direct tester communication and tester combinations of in-house, hybrid, and/or freelance testers.
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Case studies in action

Launching a global subscription streaming service

Our client, a prominent European media and entertainment company, faced the challenge of rapidly scaling its testing efforts to launch their SVOD service in 22 countries within a tight five-month timeline. Testlio helped build a scalable testing process with expanded device and O/S coverage, covering multilingual testing and providing boots-on-the-ground testing support during launch periods.

Live stream broadcast of the largest sporting event of the year

For three years running, Testlio’s streaming media testing team has monitored the Super Bowl for two U.S. media and entertainment networks, on 10+ platforms, across multiple apps for the entire nine-hour event. Testers observed stream health and reviewed tracking calls via Charles and Wireshark while maintaining real-time communication with each network’s live stream production team via Slack.

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