Broadcasters Use Testlio to Assure the Big Game Live Stream

Four of the Last Five Events Leveraged Testlio for In-Market Software Testing

Streaming viewership has increased every year since it was first measured in 2011. Although official data for 2023 is yet to be released, this weekend’s game was estimated to approach 15M streaming viewers, up from 11.2M in 2022.1,2 A great digital streaming experience ensures fans catch all the action, advertisers reach their targeted audience, and broadcasters accurately track and measure it all.

For broadcasters, Testlio provides holistic, in-market testing services to help ensure a successful digital experience on dozens of OTT and mobile device platforms across major global metros. Testlio’s unique use of on-demand humans and software, tightly woven into broadcasters’ systems, tools, and processes, ensures that preparation, broadcast, advertising, analytics, interactive features, and more—are world-class.

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve built Testlio to handle the world’s toughest software testing challenges, including preparing for and executing massive events like professional basketball finals, global soccer tournaments, and the Big Game,” said Steve Semelsberger, CEO of Testlio. “We’re honored that broadcasters of four of the last five Big Games chose Testlio.”

Pre-Event: In the weeks and months leading up to an event, Testlio identifies device coverage priorities and client expectations to build an effective test strategy; sources and manages testers to validate language translations, analytics, and advertising in key media markets; and oversees testing dress rehearsals. Testlio also leverages partnerships for successful practice cycles and implements new technologies for testing. 

Game Day: During a live-streaming event, the Testlio team manages in-field testers and communicates issues to the client-side engineering lead. The team ensures that live stream quality matches consumer expectations, including buffering, latency, interactive features, and advertising continuity. The engineering lead reviews issues and runs sweeps on demand. Setting up a distributed war room is critical to the success of the live event. The testing and engineering leads watch and direct communication feeds and issues together. Because they’re in the same virtual room, they can instantly communicate and escalate issues without interference. 

Post-Event: After the event, Testlio inventories and evaluates all issues. They assess all test cases and identify lessons learned to improve the testing strategy for the next live event. 

The result has been four successful streaming experiences for the biggest football game of the year, delivering an engaging viewing experience to a massive, cross-platform audience.

“We are honored to be a part of some of the most historical events in the sports world,” said Michelle Surya, VP, Media & Entertainment, Testlio. “Web, mobile, and OTT apps must provide seamless and enjoyable live stream experiences. I’m so proud of our team of testers and leaders who do their part to ensure a world-class experience for millions of digital viewers.” 

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