An overview of Fused Software Testing

A better way of ensuring exceptional product quality—at scale.

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An innovative solution to elevate quality

Fused software testing is a game-changing solution that synthesizes three concepts:

Combines automated and manual testing.

Merges on-demand and dedicated resources.

Integrates quality and operations systems.

With fused software testing, engineering teams reduce quality costs, expand testing coverage, and improve release velocity.

Addressing engineering team pressures

Today’s engineering and product teams are pressured to deliver great software faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Yet, too often software testing is disconnected and rigid. Companies shift methodologies and paradigms, oscillating between quality assurance approaches. They yearn for testing to become more flexible, nimble, aligned, and impactful. They seek testing that transcends dramatically different release cadences, velocity, and coverage requirements. Unfortunately, today’s systems and approaches frequently disappoint.

Transcending tradeoffs to unleash excellence

For more than 10 years Testlio has been building the software, integrations, and team to deliver a new pathway forward: fused software testing.

Fused software testing connects the previously disconnected, transcending the tradeoffs the engineering teams have traditionally navigated.

Manual and automated testing

On-demand and dedicated resources

Quality and operations systems

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide

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Measuring the impact of Fused Software Testing

Fused software testing return-on-investment (ROI) can be measured in three primary buckets.

Reduced quality costs

Testlio clients generally spend 10-20% of engineering costs on quality assurance. Via testing efficiency Testlio helps decrease total quality spend relative to engineering, often by 20% or more. And by leveraging hybrid nearshore and offshore resources, Testlio helps engineering teams reduce hourly costs for quality personnel, often by 30% or more.

Expanded testing coverage

With Testlio, engineering teams have access to 1,200+ real device types, 150+ countries, 400+ cities, 100+ languages, and 50+ payment systems. Fused software testing ensures unmatched testing coverage, tuned exactly for where, when, and how teams need it.

Increased release velocity

Testlio leverages automated initiation, on-demand resources, parallel testing, global teams, overnight runs, weekend testing, and other techniques. With fused software testing, teams can see testing turnarounds in a handful of business minutes or hours, enabling lightning fast release times and hyper efficient engineering productivity.

Additionally, Testlio clients regularly see 4.8+ scores on app rating sites, along with high NPS scores, strong MAU, exceptional retention, and other indicators of high software product quality.

Applying Fused Software Testing to key scenarios

While fused software testing can be applied to multiple testing scenarios, there are a few that stand out.

Native app testing

Build testing

Testlio Software for Builds

Payments testing

Localization testing

Location testing

Stream testing

Enabling Fused Software Testing

To deliver fused software testing, Testlio provides:

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Quality professionals

Software platform

Technology integrations

Ship with confidence

At the end of the day, fused software testing equips product and engineering teams to deploy with confidence, knowing that their products have been thoroughly and thoughtfully tested.

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