Fused Testing

Automated and manual testing, seamlessly integrated.

Combine the skill of expert manual testers with the efficiency of test automation, empowering teams to shift left and shift right to meet quality, speed, and coverage requirements.


Automated. Manual. Optimized.

Today’s engineering and product teams need to meet an increasingly high bar for both quality and speed. Automated testing ensures consistency and immediate test execution. Manual testing offers flexibility and actionable insights. Both are necessary for a truly optimal approach to testing.

Read how LGND leverages Fused Testing, reducing testing time by 98%.



of end users say their expectations of digital services have increased


of developers report they are releasing code faster than ever


of DevOps teams say they can’t find enough quality engineering talent

Benefits of Fused Testing


An overemphasis on either automated or manual testing can create bottlenecks, putting your release timelines at risk —negatively impacting current customers and revenue goals. Fused testing helps your team deliver software quickly and efficiently.


Customer expectations are higher than ever. Teams are under enormous pressure to predictably ship great, delightful, and bug-free products. Fused testing brings together automated and manual testing into a single program customized to your unique needs.


Testing at scale is challenging. Locations, linguistics, and devices matter. Skilled talent is critical but also expensive and hard to find. With fused testing you can get complete testing coverage, accessing the exact resources you need when you need them.

Components of Fused Testing

  • Quality Engineering Talent

    Access on-demand QE experts from the Testlio Network for script creation and maintenance, as well as automated testing configuration and coordination. 

  • Strategic Client Services

    Get the flexible and trustworthy support you have come to expect from Testlio Services with leadership from our Automated Testing Center of Excellence.

  • Integrated Testing Ecosystem

    Maximize your existing test automation investments thanks to Testlio’s partnerships with Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, and Sauce Labs.

  • Free Platform Features

    Initiate and analyze automated tests within the Testlio Platform, plus create fused testing workflows that break down silos and streamline processes.

“With fused testing, most of this repeatable manual work has now largely become automated. And, if anything breaks, we have a manual regression testing fallback for quick verification within the same cycle. It puts human eyes on the testing surface to confirm whether the issue is related to automated tests or our application.

Adam Kneisler, VP of Engineering, LGND

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