Your Partner in Build Testing

Seamlessly pass pre-production builds to Testlio to rapidly initiate automated and/or manual software testing.

Why send Testlio your software builds?

You might release code dozens of times a day, every two weeks, or irregularly. Your team may be on the leading edge of agile development approaches. Or you might intentionally use waterfall methods for major updates—like localizations or the adoption of new payment gateways. Whatever your timing, you need to make sure that your quality processes are ready, flexible, trustful, and impactful.

Burstable Resources

Testlio gives you expandable and on-demand machine and human resources—when you need them. And with Testlio, your testing capacity goes dormant when you don’t need it. In most of our models, as long as you meet subscription minimums you are only billed for testing resources when you use them. Whether you need five automated scripts or 500, two testers or 200, one technique or 10, Testlio is there for you.  

Reliable Quality Assurance

Your software testing must deliver results. Whether it’s rapid validation that your build is clean and ready to ship—or it’s the identification of critical issues that you fix before you push into production—you need QA that you can trust. With 10 years of software testing experience across more than 10 million individual tests, Testlio is a proven, dependable partner that can help you sleep well at night.

Unsurpassed Value

There is a myriad of approaches to testing your builds. You can go all-in on automation. Leverage shift-left methods that place the onus on your engineers. Build your own team of full-time quality engineers. With Testlio, we find that the best testing strategy is usually hybrid and dynamic. We work with your team to forge, measure, and update an approach to quality that works for you—at an overall economic equation that’s hard to beat.

Our Approach to Build Testing

With 10 years of testing experience for the world’s most innovative digital product companies, Testlio offers a proven approach to build testing.

Multiple Hand-Off Options

  • CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins and CircleCI today, others coming)
  • Feature flag controls (LaunchDarkly, etc)
  • Packaged apps for automation runs (IPAs and universal APKs)
  • Third-party tools for manual runs (like TestFlight or Google Play)
  • Bespoke approaches (code repositories, messaging systems, etc.)

Holistic Testing

Build API

  • A simplified approach to making API calls (and passing in request params).
  • Rapid handling of various auth and content types.
  • Seamless integration with UI tests and reuse of existing framework runner for batch runs.
  • Leverages existing test reporting (allure) to generate API test reports

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