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Harness the power of generative AI and experienced testing managers who create test cases designed for traceable, consistent coverage with no delays.

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Why Conduct Scripted Testing?

Scripted testing has testers follow a step-by-step procedure and validate that all processes operate as intended. Scripted testing provides detailed, traceable coverage across all known features of your product.

Expertise on-demand

Detailed tests are prepared by experienced testing managers and augmented for greater speed and accuracy through generative AI. Scripted tests guide expert testers to efficiency and provide a clear reference when writing tickets.

Embody your users

Scripted testing assures specific coverage of various pre-determined user flows. You’ll have to think like your user and better understand their happy paths – creating a robust, positive experience for the end-user.

Maximum efficiency

Scripted tests target relatively stable features that will be tested in the future. Well-maintained scripted tests provide efficiency gains for effective regression coverage while laying out the pathway for automation.

Testlio’s approach to scripted testing

Our scripted testing approach combines high-quality testing staff and generative AI with unique insights and a proprietary platform to make scripted testing seamless.

  • Speed: Our testing managers and coordinators are already preparing tests while kickoff starts. While engineers are coding, we prepare relevant tests, up to 30% faster with generative AI. This kickstarts testing with minimal delays.
  • Coverage: Test on all platforms (desktop, mobile, and connected devices), locations, and languages. Test capabilities ranging from localization to payments to functionality.
  • Platform: Use our proprietary platform module to create, author, review, and execute scripted tests.
  • Integrations: The Testlio platform integrates seamlessly with generative AI and test management tools. Existing tests can be executed on Testlio’s platform, and results can be transferred across many systems.

Kickstart your journey to Fused Testing


Scripted tests created for new features and feature changes are reused and re-purposed for regression tests which later are taken as input for automated script creation, assuring 1:1 test parity based on your fused principles.


Scripted testing paves the way for automation, allowing manual testers to spend their time doing more exploratory and hands-on testing.

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