Scaling your QA efforts can be effortless.

Expand your testing surface whenever you need to accommodate surges in project load. Blend internal quality professionals with Testlio’s freelance Network. Testlio supports your continuous release process for web apps and native mobile apps – whenever QA teams need extra testing help.

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How Testlio Helps QA Teams

Scripted testing has testers follow a step-by-step procedure and validate that all processes operate as intended. Scripted testing provides detailed, traceable coverage across all known features of your product.

Regression Testing

Get rapid results with a full pass of your software while you sleep. We ensure that each release has zero unwanted changes in your app functionality, so you can deploy with confidence.

  • Match regression testing with smoke tests, new feature testing, prior test case execution, and focused functional testing on new changes for acceptance criteria (AC) validation.
  • Receive bug fix verification on different devices while running test cycles

Functional Testing


  • Enjoy a seamless functional testing process that is customized for your needs
  • Tap into a pool of expert freelancers who match your target customer profiles
  • Gain visibility into testing data including the bugs, devices, locations, languages, and test execution

Complementing Automation

Create, run, and analyze automated tests through Testlio’s platform or through third-party tool integrations.

  • Accelerate testing by initiating automated test runs for mobile apps and web browsers in the Testlio Platform or through your CI/CD pipeline
  • Tap racked devices for automated tests through the AWS Device Farm alongside over 1,200 real devices in the Testlio Network
  • Leverage your existing test automation stack including Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, and Sauce Labs to provide test result signals to manual testers

Testing Types and Coverage

Is your need for speed undermined by resource availability or limits on testing coverage? Are your automated testing initiatives causing more headaches than results? We can help you quickly scale your QA, QE, and DX efforts and issue resolution when you need it most.

Testlio offers 20+ testing types with coverage on any device, location, and language.

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