Cut across QA, QE, and DX with diverse coverage options.

Software testing coverage broadens dramatically with a flexible combination of resource capacity, software testing tools, and intelligent integrations. The scope of what you can test expands and through a more diverse, end-to-end mix of testing types. Manual and automated. Continuous and episodic. Round the clock and around the world. All with greater efficiency, speed, and value.

We cover it all.

We make testing more human and intelligent while enabling world-class technology like no one else. You’ll be surprised by what we cover.

Analytics testing

Tracking and monitoring tools that are critical for business value.

API testing

End-point testing for input/output consistency and performance.

App testing

Mobile, OTT, wearable, and other applications.

Beta testing

Candidate general availability (GA) release.

Build testing

Packaged software applications – including installations, upgrades, and downgrades.

Content testing

Tracking content and product usage for compliance and more.

Design testing

Software concepts and prototypes are often delivered in PDFs.

Device testing

Unique hardware/OS combinations that drive experiences.

Functional testing

Individual commands and features in black box situations.

Journey testing

Apps within the same environment as your intended market.

Localization testing

Language translations and regional/cultural screen experiences.

Location testing

In-field situations (cities, parks, stadiums, stores, trains, etc.).

Payments testing

Fintech systems for real financial transactions.

Performance testing

Non-functional system scalability and resilience.

Production testing

Released and available software experiences.

Regression testing

Reuse scripted and/or exploratory tests to demonstrate that product changes have not caused unanticipated problems.

Role testing

Products with multiple key user types (e.g., buyer and seller).

Setup testing

Software offerings with multiple configuration options.

Stream testing

Digital content (entertainment, learning, etc.) delivered via audio/video streaming services, including livestream events.

Voice testing

Audio command response systems.

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