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Introduce software changes in production with confidence.

Why conduct production testing?

Production testing involves a series of manual and/or automated software tests to check core application functionality after introducing software changes post-deployment in a live environment.

Uncover Issues

Identifies missing components required for a fully functioning application.

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Validate Functionality

Ensures modifications introduced during the production release function as required.


Provides higher confidence that the release did not introduce regressions to existing functionality.

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Our Approach to Testing

Testlio’s approach to testing helps engineering teams meet the increasingly high bar for quality and speed and reduces the risk of critical software defects and product failures.

Fused Testing

  • In support of continuous testing, fused software testing offers a manual fallback trigger with consumable defect feedback for flaky and broken automated scripts.
  • Non-invasive automated tests quickly ensure all major software components work as designed.

Staffing Model

  • Staffing includes flexible crowdsourced and outsourced options.
  • Choose from full-time, part-time, on-demand QA and QE.
  • Testers match your end-user profiles on real devices and validate high-risk areas that the release could impact.

Devices and Locations

  • Device coverage options include 1000s of real device/OS combinations or automated emulation.
  • Choose specific locations and languages for complete coverage.

Platform and Integrations

  • The Testlio software testing platform fuses real-time automated results and manual test logs.
  • Testlio integrates with software testing tools for task management, test management, test automation, and CI/CD.

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