Testlio Network

Delivering on-demand testing expertise and the highest quality issue detection, powered by over 10,000 carefully vetted freelancers.

Testlio’s unrivalled network

Only the world’s best testers, quality engineers, and test leads.

Certified experts

Highest bar for freelancers in the industry with only 3% of applicants accepted and matched to workspaces based on industry and work specialization.

Global coverage

Over 150 countries and over 150 languages, powered by over 1200 devices around the world. Testing at any time, anywhere, in any language.

On demand

Freelancers work in short bursts with flexible schedules that can include overnight, weekend, and holiday availability. It is a win-win for crowdsourced testers and clients.

Competitive pay

Our compensation model is designed to reward the best testers. We pay above the market rate. By the hour, not by the bug, every week.

Thriving environment

Supported by a team dedicated to our freelancers, the Testlio Network is consistently ranked among the best for job satisfaction with an eNPS score of 62.

Career development

Freelancers get to work with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. We invest in building their skills and their careers.

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Key roles in the Testlio Network


The force powering every run, our carefully vetted crowdsourced software testers are well versed in quality best practices, testing strategies, product goals, and industry domains.

Test Lead

With a unique mix of technical and analytical skills, test leads provide round-the-clock support to workspaces, from formulating plans to providing a vital link between clients and testers.

Quality Engineer

Our quality engineers are automation experts who support fused testing by scripting, running, analyzing, and maintaining automated tests.

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Testlio Network Values

Our values help us support each other with one unified team mindset.


Give a damn

Testlio was started by a tester. We are authentically and uniquely passionate about quality. We value freelancers who love testing. It’s all about going beyond the obvious.


Challenge things

Quality requires expertise, context, and focus. Use your strengths and weaknesses to improve. Challenge systems, beliefs, and things that have become outdated. The only constant is change.


Team is everything

We love freelancers who share and help others. Be honest, humble, authentic. Practice generosity. Collaborate and communicate. It helps us all grow as a whole.


Be kind

Respect, kindness, and appreciation forms the essence of who we are. Be mindful. Listen. Build deeper connections with your fellow TestLions.


Make an impact

Our clients represent the world’s most exciting companies. Your testing efforts are directly tied to their success. Seek to transform Testlio and our industry.


Foster inclusion

Our network spans over 150 countries and countless life experiences. Embrace people of broad identities. Appreciate individual differences.

Meet our freelancers


Meet a Tester: Seungho

Seungho is a mobile app developer and tester from South Korea. He joined the Testlio Network four years ago as a Tester and is now a Test Lead.


Meet a Tester: Aarzoo

Aarzoo is a mobile app developer and tester from India. She is a recent Computer Science Engineering graduate and Maths Olympiad gold medalist.


Meet a Tester: Fatima

Fatima is a business grad turned tech writer and remote software tester. She loves engaging with other testers in the Testlio Network.

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