Testlio Network Pledge

We’re Testlio, the originator of fused software testing. This pledge is our charter for our work with freelancers. It contains our deepest beliefs and highest aspirations. We hold ourselves—and the freelancers we partner with—to these tenets.


Testlio was started by Kristel Kruustük based on her frustrations as a freelance and professional tester. Testlio has been constructed from the ground up to create, and maintain great freelancer experiences.


At Testlio, we owe our success to our five stakeholder groups, including our exceptional freelance network. We recognize and appreciate the commitment and dedication of the freelance quality experts who work with Testlio. Without them, our company wouldn’t be where it is today.


We set a high standard for our freelancers. We carefully select the top applicants to join our global network and work alongside our clients. Today, our acceptance rate is less than 3%. 


We began Testlio with a core philosophy: our primary approach is to pay by the hour (not by the bug). This produces a positive freelancer experience and exceptional results for our clients. 


From day one, our mission at Testlio has been to offer freelancers competitive hourly rates. We are especially proud of the rates that we are able to offer freelancers in lower cost of living areas. We also strive to distribute work to places where there historically have been less opportunities. Today, Testlio pays freelancers in over 150 countries, all over the world. 


We pay approximately 50% of our direct services expenses to our freelancers. Annually, we make millions of dollars in payments to freelance testing professionals.






Even while we use on-demand and crowdsourced testing techniques, we strive for workspace team consistency for our clients. We also actively seek to bring fresh eyes and perspectives into work. This often leads us to ~ 80/20 structures over time (80% consistent resources, 20% new members).



More than 1.5 billion people use the apps that we test. Accordingly, we expect our freelancers to recognize the impact that our work entails. Real people rely on our work for important, app-driven moments of their lives. We must show up with dedication and professionalism on behalf of our clients and their users. We take this responsibility very seriously.

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