Welcome to the TestLion Pride

Empower yourself and others by honoring flexibility, sharing knowledge, being kind, delivering impact, and embracing the global nature of our software testing business. Empowered people find purpose and unlock human possibilities.

a collage of various people around the world working remotely, sitting in bean bags and chairs with a laptop or phone and working.

The TestLion Pride origin story

Once you join Testlio, you become a TestLion. Our CEO Steve Semelsberger came up with that term after having met our founder Kristel for the first time. Her big and wild blond hair created a lion-like mane around her head. “Has it occurred to you that if you put an N to the end of your company’s name, it becomes a TestLion? Which also matches with Kristel’s hair.” And that’s how the name was invented. And what do you call a team of lions? Of course, a pride.

Meet our TestLions from around the world

Brooke Pesterfield, Account Manager

Brooke is from Portland, Oregon and has been working in startup sales for the past 5 years. She takes great pride in being the first face that customers interact with here at Testlio.

Muhammad Nabeel Rahim, Freelancer Enablement Specialist

Nabeel lives in Estonia and has worked in operational/front roles in the fintech, IT & telecommunications industry for 3 years. He really enjoys the process of communication and finding ideas on how to simplify it. His hobbies include cooking (although he could eat the same dish every day for months) and reading 3-4 books at the same time.

BJ Snyder, Engagement Manager

BJ lives in Portland, OR. She’s worked in project and account management in the tech sector for over a decade. In her spare time, she coaches axe throwing at local Portland pubs.

Alex Ilustre, Testing Delivery Manager

Alex is from Mexicali, Mexico. He started testing back in 2006 for Gameloft Mexico and for 6 years helped grow a company from 6 to 60+ employees. Alex loves Testlio’s company culture and enjoys working with and learning from his clients.

Marharyta Milovanova, Product Designer

Marharyta is originally from Ukraine. She moved to Tallinn for MA in Interaction Design and stayed there afterward. Her mission is to make people’s lives better and easier through design. During her free time she does dancing.


We power networked testing to enable human possibilities.

Our Purpose reflects why we exist. It drives our meaning and our identity. It is the essence of who we are.


Through our Platform, our Services, and our Network, we are an enabler. We equip. We activate. We energize.

Networked testing

Enable human possibilities


We imagine software experiences that energize the world.

Our Vision is what we see. It’s how we envision the impact that we make and the potential for our company as a whole.


Our ability to creatively see a new horizon is differentiating. We dream big. We see a bright and wonderful future.

Software experiences

At our core, we test software. All forms and types of software, from mobile apps and SaaS platforms to connected devices and virtual reality. The experience of that software by humans and machines is instrumental to all aspects of global society.

Energize the world

We are helping our clients develop the next generation of digital products that exceed our current sense of the possible. Beyond bug-free, we imagine fun, fast, friendly, exhilarating, intuitive, joyful, surprising, powerful software.

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Our values

With six values tethered to the employee experience and a sense of purpose that drives our day-to-day, Testlio is unstoppable in our quest to fuel amazing app experiences.

Give a damn

Care about what you do. Channel your passion. Be a self-starter. Deliver surprisingly great client experiences. Find ways to be hopeful, even when it’s hard.

Challenge things

Challenge more than yourself. Challenge systems, beliefs, and things that have become outdated. Be willing to fail, so that as you learn and grow, you can deliver exponential results.

Team is everything

Be humble, honest, authentic. Make others around you better. Practice generosity. Collaborate and communicate. Really get to know people you work with — including our clients.

Be kind

Help without being asked. Seek to understand first. Demonstrate compassion. Foster meaningful relationships. Be thoughtful and respectful. Show appreciation.

Make an impact

Every role matters to our collective success. Embrace empowerment. Prioritize important things. Push for meaningful results. Challenge the status quo. Seek to transform Testlio and our industry.

Foster inclusion

Strive to hire and collaborate with people of broad identities. Welcome people. Respect individual differences. Create opportunities for equity. Embrace alternative perspectives. Nurture feelings of belonging.

Your success as a TestLion

Work smarter

At Testlio, you find diverse people with unique perspectives who embrace collaboration and cultivate the belonging needed to do their best work. Become a part of a business and culture that was created to break down walls and stand up opportunities.

Think big

It’s you who can feel empowered to contribute in taking our entire team to the next level. Every goal is achievable with teamwork. To make it happen, you’re supported by our meaningful investments in technology, collaboration, learning, and growth.

Build exceptional things

You can develop a rewarding career and meaningful equity while helping the best brands in the world release better software. It’s your chance to positively impact people’s lives both inside and outside Testlio.

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