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Continuing Testlio’s Steadfast Support of Ukraine

With heavy hearts, we mark the one year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion against Ukraine. As a global company that works closely with Ukrainian freelancers, contractors, and employees, we see first hand the horrors of this war. 

We are a company of proud Estonian heritage. Estonia is a Baltic country that borders Russia. February 24th, the tragic one year anniversary of the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, is also Estonian Independence Day.

Estonia declared its independence from the Soviet Russia first in 1918, lost that independence during World War II, and did not regain independence for nearly 50 years.

All countries that have lost their independence in the past know the price of freedom. Those who remember living in a world of darkness know that freedom is priceless.

Our purpose as a company is: we power networked testing to enable human possibilities. For the world of possibilities that we see, we must continue to speak and act.

Below is a five part summary of our point of view.

1. We stand with Ukraine in its quest to defend its sovereign, democratic state. 

2. We believe in liberty, equality, and the right to peaceful protest for all people, of all nationalities, in all countries.

3. We urge people everywhere to continue to seek accurate information, look at data beyond the headlines, speak out, and take action. 

4. We hold strong against any forms of invasion, war, violence, suppression, cyber-attacks, bullying, and mis-information. While we condemn the Russian government’s actions, we support people around the world who are also against the war—including those of Russian heritage who support Ukraine’s independence. 

5. We act to support the concepts above. Over the last year, Testlio’s actions include:

  • Ended our work with, and payments to, freelancers in Russia per global sanctions
  • Empowered 50+ freelancers in Ukraine with Crisis Aid grants of $500/each
  • Helped relocate four full-time contractors from Ukraine to other countries 
  • Offered our full-time people ongoing counseling and support in partnership with Siffi
  • Encouraged awareness, dialogue, connection, and understanding for our people globally using a variety of tools, forums, and structures
  • Made several rounds of donations to multiple organizations that support people impacted by the war: Médecins Sans Frontières (also called Doctors Without Borders, providing medical services on the front lines), UNICEF (delivering humanitarian support for children and families), and other international non-profits that pursue global human rights, deliver emergency services, and provide humanitarian aid. 

While Ukraine continues to defend its independence and the democratic values of the free world, we would like to invite you to take a moment to commemorate people who have lost their lives in this horrific war. 

We encourage you to support Ukraine, via your own words, actions, demonstrations, and donations to organizations like those above—and other groups that are doing important work to help people impacted by this terrible war.

We wish everyone peace while we bring our own version of muscular hope for a better tomorrow.

With ongoing determination,

Kristel Kruustük, Founder of Testlio

Steve Semelsberger, CEO of Testlio