Test Automation

Unlock the full potential of test automation

Build and scale your test automation capabilities with Testlio. With a standards-based framework, a proven governance model, and a distributed real-device network, our global team of quality engineers offer the most flexible test automation solution available today.

Dynamic staffing

Our flexible staffing ensures that we continuously optimize your talent mix and capacity to increase productivity and meet your evolving requirements.

Lock-free framework

Enjoy complete control over your framework with access to source code and scripts, without ever getting locked in.

Agnostic runtime environment

Never worry about compatibility issues. Run scripts, configure frameworks, and deploy code on any cloud.

Versatile service model

Choose the best service model for your needs, from fully managed test automation to co-managed or client-managed services.

What sets us apart

Comprehensive solutions

Our end-to-end solutions empower you to build, manage, and scale your test automation capabilities, regardless of where you are in your automation journey. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to optimize and expand your testing coverage, our team can help you achieve improved results faster.


Proven governance model

With a script-passing rate that surpasses industry benchmarks, our built-in governance model delivers extensive advisory and automation framework support and implements scripting process standards to ensure sustainable ROI.

Distributed real-device network

Our network of 1200+ real devices offers a cost-efficient and flexible infrastructure for extended coverage. By using real devices, we can accurately represent real-world conditions, device-specific problems, and network environments. We also address security concerns and platform-specific requirements for app store submissions, enabling you to release high-quality apps confidently.


Embracing a standardized scripting foundation










Robot Framework








Unity Test Framework

Tap into the power of human insights

Testlio’s Fused Software Testing embraces a hybrid approach and ensures the use of the right mix of humans and machines to improve testing outcomes. By combining manual verification with test automation, our on-demand quality engineers and testers can verify failed run results to ensure your team receives timely and actionable results.

Partnering with Testlio for your test automation needs

If you’re struggling to decide between building your own test automation team or working with a partner, here’s why partnering with Testlio for test automation can be the right answer:


Faster deployment

Skip steep learning curves and lengthy development timelines. Our quality engineers have the experience and tools to efficiently deploy and manage your automation scripts.


Better resource utilization

We recruit and manage your automation team, so you can avoid the hassle and dedicate your internal staff to focus on more strategic priorities.


Trusted outcomes

Our standardized framework, industry-leading governance model, and top-tier quality engineers ensure we deliver reliable and effective solutions.

Our platform

Our open platform is an all-in-one solution that offers automated test execution, analysis, and management capabilities.


Transparency: Gain complete visibility into your test runs, generated reports, results, and our global test automation talent.

Device cloud: Leverage Testlio’s platform runtime or unify results across popular device clouds like BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, and Headspin.

DevOps integrations: Test results and verified issues are automatically pushed to your existing systems of record like Slack, Jira, and TestRail.

Free automated testing capacity for most clients


hours of automated testing processing time/ month


device slots

Case studies and resources


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