With today’s accelerated pace of delivery, you need to manage dev speed while keeping high-quality ships. This requires a focus on both quality assurance and development into quality engineering. These two goals can often be at odds without a robust system for process and testing.  

Quality Engineering vs. Quality Assurance

The two are inherently linked. Quality assurance is a subset of QE, applied to specific software development, and requires integrating automation testing throughout the DevOps process with an eye toward transparency and traceability. QE is also about automated testing as a discipline, with automated test creation, automation management, and performance testing. A strong QE strategy will embed QA into everything it does as an integral part of the QE process to deliver products efficiently. 

How QE services can boost automated testing strategies 

Quality engineering use cases

  • Alignment of stakeholders: Creating agreement on the scope of testing and priorities.
  • Earlier code testing: Automated testing earlier in the production cycle helps catch errors earlier, reducing rework and costs.
  • Writing small test cases: With automated scripts, it’s crucial to break down sequences of steps and test each sequence individually – the more minor individual test cases are, the more longevity they have.
  • Creating test cases independent of UI: Tests should be written to target backend functions using a domain language approach rather than naming UI elements or pathways that may change over time or for other projects.
  • The right testing environment: This includes the development, maintenance, and management of the central repository with updated versions of testing environments, which can be complex, especially if you are working remotely or have distributed teams
  • Knowing which tests to automate: Automation excels at unit and integration tests and provides repeatable results. Repetitive and data-intensive tests are prime targets; however, UI and UX testing require a more human touch to gauge the look and feel of apps.

With the right QE team and tech stack, you can:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Scale testing volume and frequency
  • Improve the digital experience (DX) for consumers
  • Enable more predictable and consistent releases

Testlio can provide the QE expertise you need, on-demand quality engineers, and leverage a fused testing methodology to accelerate production and drive quality. With a network of more than 10,000 vetted QE and WA freelancers in 150 countries and an integrated platform that supports automated testing and CI/CD, Testlio has the expertise you need to deliver better software, faster.

Kassidy Kelley serves as the Managing Editor for Testlio and works from her home base in Boston, MA.