Software regression testing for a better night’s sleep

Changing code doesn’t have to keep you awake at night. Testlio takes a full pass of your product while you get some zzz’s with both manual and automated regression testing – all user acceptance tests, general functionality, and UI testing – the whole enchilada.

What to Expect with Testlio’s Fully Managed Regression Testing

Have you modified your code to address a change in requirements? Or, perhaps you’ve added a new feature? What about a recent fix to address a defect or performance issue? In any of these cases, it helps to take a pass of your software to ensure you’ve not impacted functionality. What is regression testing if not to assure that zero unwanted changes in your app functionality occur after changing software code?

With Testlio, you can expect rapid results with our tried and true regression testing services.

  • Deep dive

    As part of your onboarding, we offer an end-to-end, full pass regression test to ensure we understand the entire app and the scope of a full pass. This step allows us to pick apart your app and learn the complete functionality.

  • Lighten the load

    We then lighten your workload by creating and managing your tests within the Testlio software testing platform.

  • Flexible approach

    We align ongoing regression testing with your needs by combining manual and automated regression testing, optimizing your efforts for end user device and location profiles, and testing during engineering downtime overnight and on weekends in lockstep with your sprints.

  • Verify

    We verify bug fixes on different devices while running your test cycles.

  • Explore

    For many clients, we also perform exploratory testing with every test pass, which finds the best issues and delivers the most value.

Your Regression Test Case Checklist

We get asked when it makes the most sense to run regression tests.
Here’s our top list of app regression testing test cases.

  • Cases with frequent defects
  • Functionalities highly visible to users
  • Cases which verify core features of the product
  • Cases of functionalities that have undergone recent changes
  • All complex and integration test cases
  • Boundary value test cases
  • A sample of Successful test cases
  • A sample of Failure test cases

App Regression Testing Examples

Major U.S. Publisher

One of Testlio’s media clients, a top-three U.S. newspaper by circulation, is a 10 most installed Magazine and Newspaper app available on a variety of Apple and Android devices and OS, including phones, tablets, voice, and wearables. The app provides subscribers breaking and personalized news, streaming video, games, podcasts, local weather updates, and more.

As an advertising-driven business, our client must track user behaviors like stories and videos viewed, ads clicked, display mode selected, browser and device type, and 100s of other actions and preferences.

  • Testlio’s regression testing process began with an end-to-end pass of the app to identify the full scope of functionality.
  • We then created 100s of test cases and uploaded them into the Testlio software testing platform to manage future tests.
  • With a cadence to match the client’s agile development process, Testlio incorporates ongoing analytics testing into the regression tests to assess and validate if expected actions align with actual behaviors.
  • Testlio also uses Charles Proxy to assure all the data is accurately recorded within their analytics tracking. This includes tracking such as:
    • The stories and videos clicked and viewed
    • If the ads appearing where, when, and in the proper format that they are supposed to appear
    • If the served ads are recorded in the backend

Testlio’s media clients need ad data for revenue purposes and trust our end-to-end regression testing capability to get the job done.

Leading Global Provider of Hotel Accommodations

Our client, a leading provider of hotel accommodations worldwide, is a top 25 best-rated travel app on the Apple App Store and a Google Play Editors’ Choice winner with over 10 Million installs.

Their sophisticated travel app offers tremendous value to users. Features and services include great deals, a rewards program, in-depth sort and filter options, a variety of secure payment methods, voice search options, notifications, and many other features.

Testlio helps augment their small in-house QA team who had been taking up to three weeks to perform manual regression testing. Given the frequency of app updates and code changes, they would typically get a release candidate and start all over again.

Crowdsourced regression testing is more efficient than adding additional full-time testers and provides the speed and flexibility necessary for today’s continuous development initiatives.

The Testlio Difference

Conducting regression tests can exhaust your internal QA team. What might take a full sprint can be knocked out over the weekend with a team of Testlio testers working in short bursts or automated scripts created and maintained by our experienced quality engineers. We take regression testing off your plate so you can focus on more advanced technical work.

Full Coverage

Extend your software testing efforts to cover what matters to your customers with real-world testers on real devices and OS combinations or with racked devices from AWS Device Farm. Any device. Any location. Any language.

On-Demand and Burstable

Augment your QA team with on-demand regression testing services. Testlio testers work in short bursts to avoid fatigue and maintain objectivity.

Experienced Testers

Testlio offers a select pool of the best-trained, most-motivated testers and quality engineers in the business. They understand software testing and provide useful feedback to improve your customer experience.

Flexible Approach

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