Fully-Managed Software Testing

Testlio’s fully-managed testing solution does the work for you from start-to-finish.

Why Fully-Managed Software Testing

Some prefer a Do-It-For-Me approach to testing. Testlio offers fully managed testing services powered by our software testing platform, robust client services, and network of expert freelance Testers and Quality Engineers.

No in-house Quality Team Needed

Scale your testing efforts without management responsibilities like hiring and training resources by leveraging our Services team and network of experienced and highly vetted freelancers paid hourly for better quality.

Save Management Time

Testlio collects cycle requirements, oversees automated and manual test coverage, writes test cases, attends your engineering standups, and manages freelancers. Testlio also filters for high-quality bugs, saving your engineers’ time. You’ll receive reports with recommendations for shift-left and shift-right testing optimizations.

Faster Automated and Manual Coverage

Execute both automated and manual testing from a single platform. Push automated run results to human testing experts who can investigate, reproduce, and quickly offer actionable insights. Expand device coverage with access to racked devices for automated tests through the AWS Device Farm alongside over 1,200 real devices in the Testlio Network.

Value and Transparency

We provide exceptional economic value unlimited licenses and no hidden costs. You gain visibility into the entire testing process.

How a top-30 fintech app achieved global coverage without recruiting a single internal employee

Testlio’s all-in-one app testing platform

The industry’s most flexible software testing platform to power your most demanding testing challenges.


Testlio Services – your partner from start-to-finish.

  • Services Director: Strategic engagement leader ensuring high value and impact.
  • Engagement Manager: Coordinates project activities and monitors value realization.
  • Testing Manager: Ensures test run success by guiding test strategy, test coverage, and Network resource needs.
  • Manager, Testing Delivery: Quality expert focused on operations. Offers testing strategy advice.
  • Test Lead: Supports test execution by coordinating and supporting Network testers.


Thousands of validated freelancers in 150+ countries – the best Network in the business.

  • Expert freelance testers covering any device, location, or language, or internet connection
  • Work in short bursts to avoid fatigue and maintain objectivity – augmenting your QA team during periods of peak demand
  • Paid by the hour, not by the bug, which leads to higher quality issue detection and thoughtful reporting
  • Using a sophisticated ratings algorithm, Testlio freelancers are matched to projects based on Profiles that include dozens of fields like industries, skills, languages, responsiveness, and devices.


How does fully-managed testing with Testlio actually work? Here’s one example.

  • Kick-off and onboarding

    We finalize your requirements

  • Planning & testing strategy

    We build your strategy and testing plan, and place freelancers in Groups to line up with required skills, locations, and time zones

  • Submit your build

    With your build locked and loaded your testing team goes into rapid response mode

  • Testing magic happens. Quickly.

    Runs proceed rapidly with fixed issue verification, sanity checks, and other passes–truly magical 😉

  • Results are back!

    We review and approve issues quickly with real-time sync to your bug tracking system

  • Test Reporting

    We prepare an end report with insight on the cycle, top issues, and recommendations

  • Retrospective meeting

    We meet to discuss what went well, compare your performance to benchmarks, and provide guidance

  • Test, rinse, repeat

    With passion and the spirit of your most dedicated employees, we help you deliver amazing customer experiences at the speed of light

Do It For Me

Our lightning-fast managed services approach reduces your testing workload. We assemble your dedicated testing dream team ready to help you quickly release your apps with confidence.

Speed & Scale

Bring your app (product) to market faster. With a global team, we can start testing on-demand, evenings, weekends, and across US/European timezone with results in minutes.


Smart engagement managers and skilled freelance Testers and Quality Engineers share your sense of urgency and provide thought leadership, clear communication, and no hidden costs for anything, including writing test cases or adding users.

Our Clients