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Not your average
side hustler.

We care deeply about our global, expert testing network and pay our testers by the hour (not by the bug), better-than-market rates. We hold that this produces the best tester experience and the best results for our clients.

What makes us different

Networked testing

Expert, on-demand, burstable testers.

Global-scale apps

We work with brands like Microsoft, Amazon, CBS, MLS, and more.

High selection bar

Testers are vetted, validated, and trained.

Better-than-market rates

Aligned incentivized models.


Testers are compensated for their time.

Collaborative mindset

Burstable, swarm teams that work together.

The Testlio Network


expert testers paid by-the-hour, better-than market


countries covered


less than 3% of applicants are accepted into the network


devices covered, all around the world


expert tester teams


client tests executed

What our testers say

Rewarding experience

“When I see how a product grows over time, knowing that my efforts have a direct impact on it, I feel really rewarded! Besides the fact that Testlio pays testers for their work fairly, I also truly enjoy being part of this awesome network of ours. Go Testlions!”

Bryan Kiptoo
Testing with Testlio since 2018

All about the community

“I wish I had found Testlio sooner. Testlio is all about the community – so many wonderful people here, all eager to help each other without unnecessary rivalry. We all work together on complex projects that require cooperation, teamwork, and trust – seeing the final product reach the hand of consumers is our reward.“

Miluše Jelínková
Testing with Testlio since 2019

Learning new things never stops

“Each project is different and learning to adapt my testing has helped me develop as a software tester. I have also been able to improve my skills thanks to all the other testers and Test Leads that have given me great feedback.”

Paul Varoutsos
Testing with Testlio since 2019

Great workplace culture

“Testlio’s simple and effective approach seems to be in the DNA of all the parties involved. The culture is well supported by its efficient tools, training, and support staff. Testlio gives me a sense of belonging when it comes to working in teams.”

Sushil Kumar
Testing with Testlio since 2019

A real sense of community

“Testlio is my favorite company for two reasons – the pay is by the assigned hours not by the bug and also the fact that Testlio fosters a real sense of community. We have channels where we can communicate easily about project-specific things and also about everyday life. I love it!”

Jennifer Kaplan
Testing with Testlio since 2019

An active tester on our
platform has:

3+ mobile phones

Android, iOS.

1 tablet

Android, iOS.

2+ connected devices

Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV.

1 desktop computer

Apple Mac, Windows 10 PC.

1 gaming device

Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch.

1 wearable device

Android watch, Apple watch.

Need a side-gig?

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  2. Validate your skills

    To be eligible for paid projects, you need to complete our skill validation tests.

  3. Participate in a test run

    After proving your testing skills in the first runs, you are eligible for more invites.

  4. Verify your account

    To process payments and determine eligibility for certain projects, we need to verify your Testlio account.

Meet the Network team


Founder & Chief Testing Officer


Testing Network Director


Testing Network Success Manager


Testing Network Onboarding Specialist


Testing Network Growth Specialist

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