How it works

Team is everything

Get verified

Each tester goes through our verification process to make sure our community is made up of expert testers.

Crush bugs

Once you’ve been verified, you will be invited to a project you can work on around your own schedule.

Get paid

Earn a motivating income for doing what you love. After each test cycle you will receive payment for the hours you’ve been assigned to test.

Tester potential

Your growth is limitless

We value our testers. As you continue to work with us, your responsibilities and hourly rate will increase. Work on your own schedule and earn great money.

  • We value quality over quantity and pay for the hours you invest
  • Payments are done on a regular weekly interval
  • Your performance is reviewed quarterly
  • Your personal pay rate grows gradually based on your results and commitment
  • You have endless growth opportunities
  • Passionate testers can participate in awesome projects and earn a motivating income
Work with us

Made for testers

Quality over quantity

A good tester finds critical bugs. At Testlio we value critical bugs over the number of bugs you find.

Test on your schedule

It’s important to be able to maintain your own life. We’ve structured Testlio to be flexible to your schedule.

Work on exciting apps

Testlio has a series of interesting apps that need your expertise. The apps you test will affect the world around you.

Learn from the best

The Testlio community is made up of expert testers. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, our community will always be there.

Grow with us

As your time with Testlio increases, so does your role and responsibilities in the company. You can start off as a tester and become a Test Lead.

Earn more with passion

Your pay is aligned with your performance. Passionate testers can increase their income substantially.

What our testers say

We love our testers

I love that Testlio focuses on collaboration between testers instead of competition.


Zuzana Čechivska

Testlio produced the security of having work each week while maintaining novelty and excitement.


Nicolae Cretu