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Ensure your applications and hardware respond correctly to preferred Voice User Interface (VUI) commands.

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Why perform voice testing?

Advances in natural language processing and conversational AI have accelerated the adoption of voice assistant technology. Enabling voice interactions supports commerce, media consumption, connected vehicles, smart homes, remote patient monitoring, navigation, safety, biometric verification, and more. Voice testing or Voice User Interface (VUI) testing, critical to total quality management, ensures that software and hardware that uses or admits voice commands can “understand” user voice requests and provide accurate outputs – no matter the accent or voice nuances.


By verifying that software and hardware can accurately interpret voice commands, voice testing enables people who cannot use input methods like keyboards or touchscreens to interact with technology by voice.

User Experience

With accurate voice recognition, users interact with technology more efficiently. Voice testing ensures voice recognition applications accurately interpret commands, leading to fewer errors and happy path success.


An efficient user experience increases satisfaction and usage. Ensuring customers have new and personalized ways to engage leads to increases in brand loyalty.

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Our approach to testing

Testlio offers managed services to source and lead on-demand voice testers, write test instructions and guidelines, track progress, and report issues.


  • Testers are selected based on targeted language, accents, locations, and assistive-focused technology.
  • Testers are available in global time zones for 24/7 and localized testing on real devices.
  • Flexible staffing for test leads, coordinators, managers. Crowdsourced on-demand and outsourced full-time/part-time.
  • For assistive-VUI products, Testlio’s Digital Experience Center of Excellence offers QA compliance and verification for enablement and accessibility.
  • Integrations with multiple work tracking/issue tracking solutions for real-time data transfer and communication.


  • Ensure voice commands are correctly recognized and that the action executed on behalf of the user is correct.
  • Validate utterances to avoid false positives/false negatives and ensure the QA efforts meet or exceed goals.
  • Confirm if the voice intent produces acceptable single or multipath conversational outputs.
  • Verify that the product understands 100s of the target language(s), including accent and linguistical nuisances, user intent, and negative and positive scenarios.
  • Test out-of-context requests and validate how the system gracefully “fails” when it doesn’t understand the voice commands.

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