It’s about a great product, right?

Right. But, what is a great product if you can’t align user needs and business goals for long-term growth?

Testlio helps product management deliver epic customer experiences.

Helping Product Leaders Manage Deadlines with Confidence

Testlio’s managed services formula helps you meet product roadmap deadlines and deliver features to your customers faster. Author tests. Build plans. Align devices, languages, regions, and testing types. Gain beta and pre-release insights. Invoke customer journey and usability testing. Release with confidence.

Deliver with Confidence

Meet product roadmap deadlines by fusing automated and manual testing to deliver features faster, with more confidence and predictability.

Real Humans. Real Devices.

Perfect the customer experience with usability feedback from real-world testers using real devices.

Blow Them Away

Improve NPS, Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT), Customer Effort Scores (CES), and app store ratings.

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How Testlio Helps Product

Usability Testing

Before launching new features or UX design, do you fully understand your users? What actions do they take and which features do they use most? With Testlio, you can tap into the Network of real-world testers to A/B test features, UX elements, and to understand customer behavior.

  • Uncover issues throughout the entire customer experience, inside and outside your app
  • Collect behavior-driven insights to improve your product
  • Learn how to ensure a seamless experience across the entire app-driven customer journey

Functional Testing

  • Enjoy a seamless functional testing process that is customized for your needs
  • Tap into a pool of expert freelancers who match your target customer profiles
  • Gain visibility into testing data including the bugs, devices, locations, languages, and test execution

Exploratory Testing

When you want to identify the gaps in your customer experience, Testlio’s experienced exploratory testers help uncover hidden issues. Our expert freelancers can identify unknown flaws in your app, whether software defects or frustrating components of the UX.

  • Go beyond functional and regression testing to explore other components of your project requirements and user stories
  • Gain recommendations for how to optimize the user experience and gain attention
  • Tap into a select pool of freelancers who live and behave like your customers with diverse devices, global locations, wifi environments, and languages.

Testing Types and Coverage

Is your need for speed undermined by resource availability or limits on testing coverage? Are your automated testing initiatives causing more headaches than results? We can help you quickly scale your QA, QE, and DX efforts and issue resolution when needed.

Testlio offers 20+ testing types with coverage on any device, location, and language.

Best-in-class Software, Service, and Network

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