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Quickly release the highest quality software for digital healthcare, fitness and wellness applications.

Gain complete two-sided and compliant coverage for telehealth platforms, biometrics, digital therapeutics, wellness tech, fitness tech, and more.

How we help

Challenge: Device Coverage

Patients benefit from a digital front door and familiar devices. Complying with confidence requires thorough device/OS coverage.

  • Replicate the end-to-end healthcare user experience with expert testers on 1000s of real devices, operating systems, and network connections.
  • Confirm interoperability by testing on medical devices, wearables, desktop, web, mobile web, and native mobile.
  • Compliment manual device coverage with automated tests through Testlio or integrations with Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, and more.

Challenge: Resource Capacity

While patient demand for convenience and savings increase, the scarcity of tech resources delay digital healthcare, fitness, and wellness innovation.

  • Accelerate digital transformation with healthcare software QA, QE, and healthcare software testing Services for automated and manual testing, planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Rapidly expand location and language coverage with a global network of testers speaking 100+ languages.
  • Prevent escaped issues and leverage your developer downtime with global testing resources for continuous 24/7 testing.

Challenge: Application Quality

Escaped software issues lead to poor patient satisfaction, negative business results, and potentially life-threatening situations.

  • Leverage broad testing capabilities to prevent functional, usability, accessibility, payments, and other escaped issues throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Partner with our dedicated health and wellness software practitioners to activate the highest quality healthcare software testing standards.
  • Tap into Testlio’s Centers of Excellence for continuing education on usability, automation, and testing best practices.

Challenge: Release Velocity

Multi-sided healthcare software requires more test management and extended testing cycles, impacting on-time releases. 

  • Expedite two-sided marketplace testing for clinician and patient user scenarios with on-demand testing for usability, payments, sensor functionality, and more. 
  • Share complex builds at the end of a day and receive complete regression reports the following morning.
  • Ignite inefficient automated software testing in healthcare initiatives through a mix of QE resources, optimized workflows, APIs, and vital integrations with DevOps systems.

Challenge: HIPAA Compliance

Without a compliant Business Associate Agreement (BAA), you risk compromised PHI, sanctions, penalties, and legal ramifications.

  • Form a confident business associate partnership validated by Testlio’s sensitivity to HIPAA compliance and work with leading digital healthcare providers, systems, and payers. 
  • Conduct secure electronic health records software testing within HIPAA compliance guidelines

Sample Health & Wellness Software Testing Capabilities

Two-sided marketplace testing

Test wellness and fitness platforms, asynchronous telemedicine and synchronous telehealth platforms, instant messaging, audio, and video.

Interoperability testing

Validate functionality of 3rd-party digital healthcare integrations, APIs, and interoperability functionality between clinical applications.

Sensor & device testing

Test your ecosystem of sensors and wearable devices throughout the healthcare, wellness platform, and fitness application experience.

Usability testing

Conduct user research for healthcare UX, fitness tech, wellness tech, telemedicine, and electronic health records software for provider and patient satisfaction.

Virtual care testing

Test functionality for remote patient monitoring, eConsults, telepsychology, online scheduling, medication reminders, chatbots, virtual consults, live video, and more.

Digital therapeutics testing

Test data collection, alerts, personalized remote care management features, and multi-sided integrative care connections.

Location & localization testing

Ensure your software works in any location, language, and device through a network of on-demand testers native in 100+ languages.

Payments testing

Test the vast number of payment methods, locations, and subcomponents of secure financial transactions so they work as intended.

Case studies and resources

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6x increase in release cadence

How Strava’s fitness tech platform grew from start-up to a leading iOS and Android health and fitness download in 12 languages. 

Check out the Bright Healthcare and Testlio case study to learn more about telehealth, regression testing, and preventing software developer burnout.

98% software engineer satisfaction in healthcare

How a telehealth platform prevents mobile app engineer burnout with less QA and more time to write code.

How does your testing compare to the industry?

Leverage this report to compare your testing processes and app performance data against benchmark data of leading Health, Fitness, and Wellness app developers. 

With Testlio, healthcare, wellness and fitness companies experience:

Exceptional client service

As demonstrated by an 81 NPS and 9.6 / 10 star client G2 rating for quality of support, Testlio clients are happy—and successful.

Compelling testing economics

Compared to in-house, outsourced and crowdtesting models, Testlio can deliver unbeatable value.

Secure and proven systems

With Testlio’s SSPA approved software platform, security protocols, and processes proven across 6.5M+ tests, you can partner confidently.

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